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Hagurome Grey Wood

Hagurome look at her brother and his friend happily when suddenly she was kidnap by reina as she shiver by the sudden act but calm down when they stop and Raina pet her shacking form as she started to relax "w-w-whats wrong r-reina?" she ask her as she face faced with the phone and she read the massage and look up at reina's action. once she was fighting with the blond boy and now she was kidnapping all the girls. it was kinda creepy but adventurous and mysterious at the same time but before she can ask her a question reina cut her

“Let’s start with finding your sister.” reina said

Hagurome look up at reina's action. once she was fighting with the blind boy and now she was kidnapping all the girls. it was kinda creepy but adventurous and mysterious at the same time pulled once more "i-i-i think-k their i-iin the w-w-water witht t-t-the others" she ask as she look up the reina and she follow her as quickly as she can while she try to understand what it was but maybe she will understand once reina get all of them.

but what confused her was why cant the boy's know but either way she just hope what ever it was in that text everything will turn out to be great and hoped that her wont ruin the mysterious fun their gonna have. once while they walk she can feel reina's soft hand over to her as she blink and blush "so soft" she thought as she held her hands while they walk and she look around the area there walking in "a-a-re we gonna get all t-t-the girls i-in?" she ask because if they are Hegurome would like to help kidnap them too

location: vila kitchen
Interaction: reina
mention: ---- @Iceydaze
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Shione Higurashi

Tactician| Location: Villa Shed | Outfit: Here
Interactions: Haruhi ( ScarletNova ScarletNova )

Despite how she behaved around Ruby earlier, Shione was still glad that Haruhi was still willing to go to such lengths just to ensure she could stay in the club. The fact that she would round up all the girls and even Ryuunosuke and Alex didn't perturb her as much as Ruby joining in and trying to solve the problem uninvited earlier since it was Haruhi, herself, who decided that there was a need to bring in these people. After all, out of everyone in the club, Shione was confident in Haruhi's ability and intuition the most.

"I'm still not comfortable bringing in this many people into my personal problems but if you if you think it's for the best then I have no complaints. I'm just grateful that you're doing this for me, Haru!" She'd just have to hope for the best and pray that everyone's efforts doesn't go to waste on someone like her.

Just as she was about to invite Haruhi to join the others again, another presence stepped into the room, this time a lot more menacing than that Ruby girl ever was. However, the white haired female had already gotten so used to this presence that she could easily identify it easily even in a crowded street.

"I witnessed everything myself, Lady Shione. Are you going to attempt hitting me as well with your family's martial art just like with that girl earlier?" A cold, condescending, and monotone voice comes from the shed's entrance as a white haired maid clad in a uniform as black as a starless night approaches the two girls.

"Griselda..." Shione uttered the names word grudgingly as she stared daggers at the silver-haired maid.

Realizing that Haruhi might act suspiciously towards the maid since she was certain her friend hasn't met any of her family's "Specialist Maids" before, Shione urgently provided an introduction.

"Haruhi, this is Griselda-san. She's one of my family's "special" maids tasked on guarding me and my siblings. Although she's here mainly to provide my brother a detailed and accurate report, isn't that right?" In response, Griselda bows respectfully towards Haruhi similar to how a "normal" maid would have done. If she had been offended by Shione's introduction, she showed no signs of it in her blank, doll-like expression.

"It's an honor to finally make your acquaintance, Lady Haruhi." was Griselda's humble greeting towards Haruhi, whilst still bowing reverently towards her. Her precise movements would have made the random bystander suspect her of following a script due to the way she executed them like an actor on a stage play.

The maid's attention focused shortly back to her "ward" and the humble and welcoming expression she had given Haruhi earlier soon changed to disappointment and contempt soon followed by chiding words that placed a hefty amount of guilt-laden realization on Shione.

"You know very well how irresponsible your actions were, milady. I believe the most fundamental of the teachings of the Higurashi Style Martial Arts is to only use it for self defense as much as possible. Master Shiro will be most displeased that you've used a technique that could have easily killed someone as a threat."

It was over. Even if she manages to land herself a relationship by the end of this trip, Griselda's report regarding her behavior would overshadow meeting the conditions Shiro had laid out for her. What she had done not only would have endangered somebody's life but would have also damaged the family's reputation as a whole. Yet again, she had let her emotions get the best of her and now it would be the reason she fails at the one last opportunity she had been given to stay at the club.

"However, I could overlook what had just happened."

The words lit a small fire in Shione's otherwise hopeless and bleak eyes. The mere fact that her brother's most loyal servant would turn a blind eye on this situation was strange in itself, prompting Shione to think that Griselda would demand compensation for her silence on the matter.

"Name your price." Shione replied. At this point, making a deal with the devil herself was all she could do to ensure her chances of staying with the club. Still, it caused Shione a great deal of anxiety not knowing what to expect when it comes to Griselda's request.

"A lifetime supply of pudding... "


Well that certainly wasn't what she'd expect from their resident assassin maid. Guess it just proves that there's still a girly side to the silver-haired maid's personality no matter how hard she tries to maintain appearances. Still, her peculiar demand was a small price to pay for her silence.

"Very good. I trust that you shall honor this deal until either of us has bit the proverbial dust then, milady. Now if you'd excuse me" Just as quickly as she had arrived, Griselda had left the two girls to their own devices and returned to her post, out of sight from the other members of the training camp.

"I'm sorry you had to see all that, Haru. But now that that's over, we really should get back to the others before they start getting worried about us."

Shione extends a hand towards Haruhi and offers her a bright and cheerful smile, a stark contrast to the mess Haruhi had seen her friend earlier. It was almost as if the entire ordeal did not happen.

"Whaddya say? Let's go!"


A Mythical Stray Cat
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Ryunosuke Akiyama | Info Gatherer
Location Haruhi's Villa - Beach | Interactions: Miyuki (@DANAsaur) | Mentions:

When Miyuki turned around and hugged him so unexpectedly, Ryunosuke widened his eyes in shock and confusion, blinking thrice as he tried to figure out if this was really happening or he was just daydreaming. But as he slowly lowered his head to look down at Miyuki, she was, in fact, hugging him tightly and with her face buried into his chest. This was something Ryunosuke really didn't saw coming at all, and especially not from somebody with a deep fear to men and hate towards him.

Seeing her trembling with fear like a cute maraca, Ryunosuke slowly lifted his arms to wrap them around Miyuki, but she suddenly pulled herself away from him, glaring at him with a really blushy expression while glaring at him. Chuckling nervously and kind of awkward, Ryunosuke looked to his right, stretching his arms, hoping that way she won't realize he almost embraced her into a hug when she was all cuddled on his chest.


And there it was again. The good old Miyuki that only opens her mouth to shoot insults at hi that Ryunosuke knows best. Sighing with annoyance, the black-haired male crossed his arms and rolled his eyes away from her, just waiting for her to be quiet. She was the one that literally threw herself to his chest! He was just trying to help her as well! The poor Ryunosuke just couldn't understand Miyuki at all. She was like the most complex jigsaw he ever tried to solve and her hostility towards didn't help him at all either.

"Just leave me alone, stupid octopus!"

That was it. That was the last straw for Ryunosuke. She dared to call him a stupid octopus again for no reason at all. He wanted to scream at the top of his lungs and then tell her to just shut up. He also wanted to flip a table because why no and maybe toss at her a Pokeball and be the first one to test if they could work on humans. Luckily, what she said next caught Ryunosuke so off guard that he calmed down and turned his head to look at her.

"Did she just... Tried to be nice to me," he thought with a dumbfounded expression. When she finished talking, Ryunosuke smiled warmly and her and nodded. "Yes, don't worry, Miyuki-chan," he said and raised his right thumb up. "I promise you that by the end of this camp, you won't be scared or hate me. We are going to be friends!"

Chuckling with excitement. Ryunosuke turned to his right to look at the others and pointed at them. "Now, what about if we join them again, mmh?" he asked and turned his head to look at her with a kind and genuine smile. "And maybe we can play a silly game just for fun. What do you say, Miyuki-chan?" And there he was calling her by a friendly honorific like he knows Miyuki from a lifetime now.


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Haruhi Nakamura
Club President | Location: Shed
Interactions: Shione ( Accelerator Accelerator )
Mentions: Ryunosuke and Alex ( Shinku⭐Kun Shinku⭐Kun )​

"You have friends here Shione. We're all here for you, even if you aren't used to getting the help from others," Haruhi commented as she gave her friend a smile. She was glad that Shione was willing to give things a try and take the help she would get from the others in the club.

It was then that a white-haired woman in a maid outfit appeared out of nowhere. Of course, Haruhi was a bit surprised to see someone come from nowhere at a private villa, but Haru wasn't as surprised as she probably should be.

Shione explained who the maid was, but Haruhi suddenly just smile and made a fake laugh. "Oh Shione, of course I know who she is," the president then said. "I know a lot about everyone in the club, especially my childhood friends. I've known about your special guard maids for a long time..." Maybe Haruhi knew a little too much about her companions that she probably shouldn't know.

Haruhi trailed off for a moment, then continued. "Of course, I didn't fully know she would be here right now. But I figured your brother would bring someone to watch you. And besides, who doesn't have maids hiding in the bushes watching your every move." It seemed that there might be more than just Griselda hiding during that training camp. Or Haruhi had a weird view of the world.

Haruhi then looked over towards the guard maid and gave her a smile. "It's a pleasure to officially meet you now too." Haru then let the two discuss what they needed to because it wasn't anything that Haru needed to be apart of at the moment. Though, she was slightly surprised that the gaurd maid was able to be satisfied with pudding. She'd remember that for later.

Once Griselda was gone, the two girls were left to themselves again. "No, it's okay Shione. No worries." She gave her friend a smile again. She was then asked to join her back with the others. Haruhi really wanted to, of course. And they did need to start working on some plans, but there was something that Haruhi needed to finish first.

"I would love to come with you, Shione. But I have a few things I still need to do back here, so I'll meet you back on the beach with the others later, all right? Meanwhile, I want you to join everyone. The best way for you to get a boyfriend here is for you to get to know the guys. So, go enjoy yourself with the other club members."

Haruhi still had to set up the fireworks, but once she was done she would totally join her friend. Come to think of it, the fireworks would be a good time to get two people closer together. It could be a good time for Shione to try for someone in a romantic way.

Haru could see it now, Shione being so happy with someone. Of course, you could be happy without a relationship, but there was something wonderful about being in love. There was someone who would always be there for you, no matter what. Someone for her to call boyfriend and for him to call girlfriend.

Hey! Wait a second! Where was Alex? Wasn't he supposed to come back with Ryunosuke? Why was he taking so long? She couldn't finish these fireworks alone!