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New Angeles
Ashley Coleman
12:11 AM
Her breath slowed and steadied as she watched the man. He was right, she was rambling. He caught it before she could slow down.
Well, atleast he hasn't kicked us out.
She thought to herself, making a mental note to make sure he didn't. She raised an eyebrow when the man said he was the doctor. She definitely didn't place him as the doctor type. Well, he was the only shot Nine had at surviving.
"How did he end up like this?"

Ashley thought back to the alleyway. She felt pressure around her neck, picturing the man with the metal arm choking her. Her hand brushed up against her throat as she rubbed it slowly. Her stomach curdled when she saw the man Nine had killed, his neck twisted at an odd angle. The lifelessness in his eyes. She felt like she was going to be sick.

A little voice nagged in her mind, pulling her back to reality. She shook her head. "Arcadia."She said the worlds slowly, like she was repeating them, before continuing. "I thought they were criminals roughing him up, trying to kidnap him or something. There was a guy that could turn his arm to metal, he probably did that to his body." She paused, looking over his various other wounds. They didn't look fresh, but older wounds that reopened. "I have no idea how he got the cuts. I just met him today, I don't even know his real name. They just called him 964. I call him Nine for short"
She took a deep breath. She was calm again. Nine was getting help. She did a good thing.
Do you think he'll live Dr. Seamyar?"
She asked Lepton, slumping down in an empty chair. She was close enough to see what Lepton was doing to Nine, but not too close to get in the way.
She would have to call someone, to explain to her family that she wasn't just some criminal. Her parents maybe? No, she didn't want to be the one to have to tell them.
Patricia She thought to herself. Patricia was her deceased older-brothers wife. The two were close, and she lived back in New York. She would believe her.

She felt her pockets, remembering her phone. She wasn't stupid enough to call from it, but could Arcadia can track phones, can't they? She let out a sigh of relief, she left her phone in her bag back in the alleyway. She laughed quietly to herself, she dodged a bullet there. Her face drained realizing that she had left her wallet in her bag as well. She glanced at Lepton as he observed Nine. She'd have to worry about payment later.

New Angeles
Vector Anderson

1:00 PM
Though Vector left the old office building, his thoughts remained on the hostage inside. Pulled to the front of the office were various PeaceKeeper vehicles, forming a perimeter. Among the vehicles was Vectors private car, the cadet from earlier resting by it with a tablet, scrolling through it. Vector rested his rifle on his shoulder and made his way to the car, unloading his rifle and setting it inside on the seat. He started to peel off his combat gear, his body sweating underneath it.
He tossed his jacket and shirt into the backseat of the car, reaching into his back to pull out a gray tank top, slipping it on over his body. Around his neck still hung his PeaceKeeper badge. His hair hung down in front of his face, and he pushed it backwards away from his face. He reached into his pack, pulling out a second hat and setting it over his hair. He grabbed a pack of cigarettes in the side of the pack, pulling one out before returning the pack back into his bag. He lit the smoke and let it rest in his mouth.
An ambulance came down the road, pulling up to the side of the road. He whistled at the cadet.
"Hey kid, who's the ambulance for?" The cadet made his way to Vector, his eyes glancing at the ambulance. "Err, there was a little commotion sir. Someone shot the man in the knee cap, then knocked him unconscious." Vector smiled, but held a confused look on his face. "Someone? Not one of our guys?" The cadet shook his head. "No sir." He pulled up a picture of the woman in cuffs. "We're looking her up in the database, but haven't found her yet."

Vector paused and took a closer look at the girl, taking a puff of his cigarette. He pressed on his arm, a monitor flipping open as he scrolled through it. "That's the girl from earlier, the one that triggered Eleven at the site." He began, sliding over to a page labeled "Eleven". "I had the drone face-match her in the database. Her name is Alexandra Morris. AKA, the Morrigan. She works-sorry worked', with D.E.E.R"
He smirked, flipping the monitor down. "Looks like this is a case for Arcadia. She was operating in America without a pass it looked like." The cadet nervously licked his lips. "But sir, she interfered with a Peacekeeper investigation. She knocked out Sloan!" Vector nodded and pointed towards the ambulance. "Yeah, and she shot the guy in the knee. Less work for us to do. Where she being help at?"
The cadet motioned to a black SUV, a group of guards gathered around it awaiting orders. Nodding to the cadet, Vector made his way to the SUV, ordering the guards to give him some room. He knocked on the door of the SUV, opening the back door and looked in at the prisoner
Her face was cute, aggravated hazel eyes looked up at the Detective as he leaned on the door of the vehicle.
"Knock, Knock. How's it going Morrigan?"

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New Angeles; Furor Hideout
12:52PM July 29th, 2030.
Riley “Jinx” Arondóttir

Now that the detective disappeared, Riley quickly dropped her helpless hostage facade and pulled herself from the chair. With a small grimace she inspected her wrists where the green mohawked scum bound her. She was surprised he hadn’t noticed the metallic feeling underneath her sleeve as he tied her wrists together behind the chair. Riley rotated her left hand, clenching and unclenching her fist while systematically opening and closing each of her fingers in between. The sound of her knuckles echoed a metal clicking mimicking that of cartilage cracking in a human hand. She smiled briefly before inspecting her flesh hand, copying the same movements as before. Once satisfied, Riley made her way out of the small office and into hallway.

She looked around, surveying her surroundings, including the floor below her and just outside the main entrance. There were a number of Peacekeepers already in the building and she wasn’t thrilled with the idea of them seeing, or remembering, her face. Riley stopped just outside of the room she was being held in and closed her eyes to gather her focus; she pictured a blonde woman with brown eyes and a medium build. That was the woman the Peacekeeper’s would see as she walked by them… to create an illusion to touch so many minds would be difficult, but it wasn’t unheard of for Riley.

After several minutes, Riley’s blue eyes shot open. She had identified all of the individuals in the factory and worked her magic in spreading the face they were to see as she went by. She grinned menacingly and began her casual stroll out of the building, flashing a sinfully sweet smile to the officers she passed on her way out. Riley emerged from the building, wincing at the intrusive sunlight in her eyes. As her vision adjusted to the cruel change in light she noticed a man being loaded into the back of an ambulance. Riley took note of his appearance as he was likely the Furor survivor her dear old detective had left behind, and she would need to pay him a little visit later.

Riley pulled a pair of sunglasses from inside her jacket pocket, put them on, and headed toward the paramedic who was giving the ambulance the go ahead to take the victim to the hospital. As she approached, the paramedic turned around; ”Miss, you shouldn’t be wandering around. Please, come and take a seat so we can examine you properly.

”No sweetheart. I need to examine you.” Riley countered as she slipped her ungloved hand to the woman’s exposed forearm, searching for which hospital the Furor survivor was being taken to. Angeles North; a hospital located just outside of the slums. ”Thanks. Have a lovely day, miss.”

New Angeles; Angeles North Hospital
1:43PM July 29th, 2030.
Riley “Jinx” Arondóttir

Riley hated hospitals but she couldn’t let the Furor slime be taken into Peacekeeper’s custody, it was too big a risk she wasn’t willing to take. Swallowing her fear of the porcelain palace and cursing silently to herself, she headed toward the emergency room entrance. There were ambulances coming and going, all of them transporting some unfortunate person in need of urgent care. The emergency room itself was welcome to walk-ins who couldn’t find a clinic willing to take them, but the wait was always hours because priority was given to acute cases. She wondered where her friend would be on the list to be seen…

She entered the room and made her way to an empty seat, dodging the sick and dying as she went by. Sitting with her legs crossed one over the other, she removed her sunglasses and put them back in her jacket pocket. Riley's eyes scanned the room but it was unlikely he was left in the waiting room; being a suspect to a crime meant he was likely already getting comfortable in a bed with one or two armed guards at his curtain. She sighed with a heavy shrug of her shoulders and focused on looking beyond the waiting room and into triage. Triage was worse than the waiting room… there were dozens of people, a handful of them screaming or crying in pain, and even a few who were profusely bleeding. Doctors and nurses buzzed about, attending one patient to the next. She couldn't understand why anyone would willingly choose their profession; long hours, whimpering patients, and annoying families. Riley scoffed at the thought of family visiting their loved ones in the hospital. It was pathetic.

Eight curtains in and Riley found her Furor friend. There was one guard standing post, which would be easy enough to deal with, but getting to him would be tricky. There were too many there for her to blanket in an illusionary veil; she would have to use her stealth suit. Riley exited her seat and headed toward the bathroom. She entered the germ infested room and looked around pale faced for any potential patrons who would see her. The bathroom was completely silent other than the constant dripping from the tap. There were no toilet flushing, sniffling noses, or sounds of toilet paper to alert her to anyone's presence but to be safe she quickly looked at the foot of each stall to make sure there was no one there. In any other instance she would have looked through the wall but Riley wasn't keen on seeing someone's flustered face as they try to discard their bowels after days of constipation. Confirming there were no people to see her, she knelt down and pressed a trigger disguised as a small silver button on her boot, activating her suit to phase her into nothingness…

With careful movements Riley exited the bathroom and walked cautiously toward triage. She had to be careful not to bump into anyone as she didn't want to cause an unneeded scene. Not yet anyway.

Riley's steps were soft against the linoleum floor. It didn't matter that she was quiet on her feet, the triage room was so loud that no one would have heard her anyway. As she drew closer to the Peacekeeper guarding her target, a hidden blade from her hand extended out and past her wrist. She chose to use Respect, her phasing dagger. Riley had no respect for the Peacekeepers and thought it was fitting to slay someone where he stood, without him even knowing she was coming, with a dagger that had such a name. Her footsteps increased in speed as she closed the gap between her and the guard. Once she was close enough, she side stepped around him, drawing her blade up to his neck and pulling it across his jugular as she circled to his back. The Peacekeeper’s blood spewed from his neck, covering the nurses walking by him. Before the man’s body could even hit the ground, the hospital was filled with shrieks of terror. It wouldn’t be long before another squad was deployed; she had to act quick.

Riley slipped behind the curtain and stared at the Furor member, who was now wide eyed with fear and shaking in his bed as he listened to the shrill screams from outside his very small safe space. ”I need you to stop being a scared little girl and listen to me very carefully. Understood?”

"What… what. WHO'S THERE, WHO ARE YOU?” Panic was settling into the Furor member’s voice as he frantically looked around the small space behind the curtain for who the voice belonged to.

Riley sighed heavily and walked toward the man, grabbing him by his neck and throwing his head back into his bed. ”Just shut up and listen, OK. I’m going to lay this out for you… You can’t see me because I’m an extranormal but I’m here to set you free, so you can seek revenge on that shit head Peacekeeper detective who stormed your little hideout at the factory today. SO, when I break your cuffs… you’re going to get as far away from here as possible before more Peacekeeper’s show up and kill you.. Because right now, there’s a dead guard outside your curtain and really, only you could’ve killed him, because I’m not even here, remember?.”

Riley released the lesser Furor member and grabbed the chain between the cuff on the bedrail and the cuff on his wrist. She pulled apart the chain links and watched as they snapped and fell to the ground. Her icy gaze fell on the insect in the bed, who was shaking in his skin and not moving. The woman sighed again, grabbing the Furor member by the collar of his hospital gown and tossing him out of the bed. His body hit the cold ground with a heavy thump but it was enough to trigger him to get to his feet and start moving. ”Go on, get out of here. I need you to live for my plan to work.”

She watched as he fumbled through the curtain and joined the havoc of people evacuating the building. Riley rolled her eyes at just how long that took her and began her exit. As she left the curtain she looked down at the Peacekeeper’s body; lifeless on the ground drowning in a pool of his own blood. She smiled cynically, stepped over him, and left.

New Angeles; Angeles North Hospital
5:27PM July 29th, 2030.
Riley “Jinx” Arondóttir

Riley sat in bed, a cigarette resting between her pointer finger and middle finger. Her back was against the brick wall, her legs crossed one over the other in front of her. She bounced her top foot up and down as she watched as the curtains danced with the breeze from the window she had left open. Riley took a long drag of her smoke, pursed her lips into an ‘o’ shape, and blew donuts into the air. Her mind wandered back to the young detective, Anderson. She smiled softly at the thought of him coming to her rescue. Her smile twisted into one with a more seductive nature as she thought about him looking back at her with his concerned eyes and compassionate smile. The Peacekeeper could prove useful to her in more ways than one if she could get her hands on him… Surely there was a darkness in his soul she could exploit.

Riley reached into her back pocket and pulled out the card he gave her. She examined the small piece of thick paper, playing with the edges of the card with the tip of her finger. Riley had succeeded in the mission given to her; thwart the Peacekeeper’s and keep them off Shade’s tail but she wanted more from the Detective. It would be helpful to have someone on the inside, or even, someone on her side, with his skill set and connections. Surely Sebastian wouldn’t approve but Crow would likely find the benefit in it as long as Riley presented the option properly. Her devious smile returned as she picked up the cell phone sitting on her bed and dialed the Detective.

The phone rang three times before the Detective answered the phone, his voice coming through the speaker. ”Detective Anderson. Who’s this?”

”Uh, hello.. This us, uh… This is Riley. You um, you saved me earlier…” She replied, her voice purposefully sheepish in tone. Riley had to remember that she was a victim of a terrible incident earlier in the day and would have to continue to act it for the time being.

”Oh hey, Riley! How’re you holding up?” The Detective sounded surprised she was calling but the tone in his voice quickly shifted to being happy about her phone call. A small smiled appeared on Riley’s face knowing he wasn’t bothered by her call and for a brief moment, she felt like a dumb teenage girl.

”I’m doing better now, thank you. I was such a wreck earlier I wanted to apologize.” As Riley carried on the conversation, her voice was becoming more steady and confident in her speech. She couldn’t play the helpless hostage forever; it would kill her.

”Nothing to apologize for! You went through a lot…” The Detective paused before continuing. ”Did you think of anymore information… or.. “ Anderson’s voice began to trail off; he wanted to know why she was calling. Riley grinned, she appreciated that he was a man who got straight down to business.

”Yes… I guess I did. Lucky for me you were there. And no, no.. I didn’t think of anything else, I’m sorry Detective.. I’m actually calling because I want to thank you properly, if you would let me that, that is. You mentioned that I could call you if I wanted to get a drink sometime. I think I owe you at least that much.” Riley slipped a few unsure pauses in the beginning of her response to maintain the awkward girl act but she was also a woman that got straight down to business and went after what she wanted.

"I'd really like that! Some of the other Peacekeepers and I are heading to a bar in Chinatown tomorrow, if you'd like to come..." Anderson cleared his throat, swallowing back nerves creeping up on him. "as my date."

Riley’s smile widened into a lavish grin. She had a hunch the detective had a thing for her with how close he sat to her in the building, his knees knocking against hers while he made sure she was alright. In a quick rush to cover up his words, a clear avoidance to hide his anxious question, he continued. ”If not that’s totally cool! We could just grab coffee another time or something.”

She let the Detective’s words hang for a moment or two before giving him her answer; it was always best to make them wait. ”Your date?” she asked, confused at his question. Riley waited a second before continuing. ”That actually sounds really nice, Detective. I would love to be your date but on one stipulation! You must let me buy you a drink.”

The Detective released a breath he had been holding in anticipation of her answer and laughed slightly. ”Awesome! Cute girl and a free drink, how’d I be able to pass that up!?”

”You would be an idiot to do something like that.” Riley returned his laughter and teased the man innocently.

”I’m a lot of things, but an idiot isn’t one of them.” He returned her same teasing tone. ”I’ll text you the details in a bit, have to get back to work.”

”Alright Detective, I’ll see you then.”

”I’m looking forward to it!” The Detective ended, a hint of excitement in the tail end of his sentence.

A click of the phone signaled the end of their conversation. Riley held the cell phone to her mouth, as if it was supposed to guard her from saying anything. She grinned again before putting the phone down on the bed and took a long overdue drag from her smoke. I guess I should report back to the Crow later on...

TheQueensGuard TheQueensGuard
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Emilia Bachmeier

Emilia's thoughts were a constant pit of turmoil. Her heart was a repetitive ache and need she could not satisfy. She worried for him, she guilted over what she'd done. Emilia couldn't change the fact that she'd abducted her boyfriend, or former boyfriend... She wasn't quite sure what they were anymore nor was she sure she wanted to know after this, particularly after Elijah woke up.

Emilia knew she'd just betrayed him despite them being away from each other for two years after some stupid ceasefire. She should've killed him right then and there if she knew Arcadia was going to go after him again. She should've known, but her mind rang loud and often over the next hour or so. What would happen next for Elijah? Would he be okay? It was all her fault.

Her contemplations were cut off when Naomi finally rejoined her at the table after a grueling session with the "safety squad" as Emilia dubbed them. She shrugged at Naomi's words, chest tight. It was somewhat relieving to hear that Naomi hadn't said a word of what'd truly happened at the warehouse. Emilia swallowed her pride and began to speak in a low tone. There was only one way to position their story.

"We met each other at a bar, we had sex, and then we started dating. We were dating for a while, there was more sex, I fell in love... but... We found out about who the other person really was one night two years ago. Instead of killing each other, we decided to go our separate ways. That's the short and simple version, the really fucked up "What the hell do I do now" version."


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• Naomi • and • Emilia •
• Intuitive Haemopotent Replication •

• Current Powers: None.
• Location: Arcadia Station, New Angeles
• Time: July 29th, Noon-ish
• Interactions:Interrogating Emilia >:D( Kat Kat )

  Idly, Naomi tapped her fingers on her bare skin, turning to face forward once more and closing her eyes as she listened, chin resting down close to her chest.

”You missed an answer there, Em. Why’d you want him dead instead of caught?” was the pointed response. She could think of a couple reasons why Emilia might have wanted to keep Reaper out of Arcadia, but hearing it from her would make a difference.

“I didn’t want him dead. I didn’t want him caught either.”

Emilia glanced at Naomi.

“When did I give off the impression I wanted him dead? That man used to… Well, I mean, yeah. We used to be together. We just couldn’t continue after the whole showdown thing.”

The white-haired woman paused for a moment, the tapping stopping. Her head tilted to the side slightly as she went back through the day. ”When we were just starting to track him,” Naomi shrugged, ”It was the impression I got. And you kind of decided to swing first and talk… slightly later when he showed up at the warehouse. Didn’t give him the offer of coming with us.” Another pause.

”And him being part of Arcadia willingly might have meant good things for you previously-being-a-thing.” She flashed a smirk.

“You know Sydney wouldn’t allow that. I guess…” She slouched back in her chair, eyebrows furrowed. Emilia seemed to be deep in concentration for a few moments before she spoke again. “I guess the punch was my way of saying I was pissed off at him because I knew that if I tried to talk to him, he wouldn’t come with us, and I also knew that if I tried to talk to him, I wouldn’t be able to persuade him to come along. I’d just… break down and cry. It’s not like he felt my punch anyways. That guy is a man of steel, let me tell ya.”

Naomi rolled her eyes. ”And you wouldn’t have told her. Neither would he, or me. That solves the “not allowed” pretty quick, I think.” She quieted to let Emilia finish, however, watching her friend working through things a bit. ”Makes sense though, I guess.” She decided not to bring up the fact steel or not, she still rang his bell pretty hard. Underhanded tactics or not, it had worked. Her fingers started tapping again, slow and idle as she thought. ”We could have let him go,” she finally said with a sigh.

“But Sydney wanted him,” Emilia countered, her tone suddenly changed. “She wanted him in that prison. It was a mission we had to complete.”

It sounded like Emilia was torn and felt guilt for what she’d done.

A shrug. ”And he’s a man of steel, like you said.”

Naomi let it hang. She was prodding at this point, probably not a smart thing to do before they told Sydney what had gone on… ”It doesn’t matter much at this point, though. He’s here, now, regardless of any misgivings or could-have, should-have.”

“Yeah,” Emilia took a deep breath and sat up. “He’s here. What’s done is done. Sydney will give her follow up and we’ll carry on with our day.”

A few moments later, Sydney arrived and the duo stood up, ready to hear their report.
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alexandra morris
Omu Upied

DATE: July 29th
LOCATION: New Angeles
MENTIONS: Vector, Purifier
INTERACTIONS: Vector - TheQueensGuard TheQueensGuard
12:47 p.m.
New Angeles - Bordering territory between the slums and docks​

Two officers were behind her as they forced her towards their SUV, another leading the way. They shoved and poked as she shuffled along, her jaw clenched as she was clearly unimpressed with the situation. ‘No one but yourself to blame.’ She belittled herself internally and grunted in response.

“Let’s pick it up lady!” One of the officers from behind her called out.

Turning to look over her shoulder, Alexandra glared towards the officer. The other using his weapon to shove her. The brunette stumbled forward and chuckled as she looked back again with the shake of her head. “So polite you Americans.” The sarcastic whisper was drawn away by the small breeze that blew by, the stench of the nearby wharf able to fill even dull human senses. Coming to a halt in front of the door to the vehicle, Alex stood close and continued to smile softly. An officer approached from her left and moved to open the door, looking up slightly to meet Alex’s eyes. The tense silence remained for a few moments between the two. “Oh! Am I in your way?” She asked with raised brows. “I am so sorry about that.” She dipped her head slightly before taking a small step back. “Didn’t realize that the whole lot needed to be clear for you to open a door.” The sarcasm never faded.

Her choices today weren’t the best. From the moment she had said yes to Jacob she knew it would all be downhill. Alexandra was confident that they wouldn’t kill her, a decision like that would only cause way more problems than they needed. Besides they were called the Peacekeepers, killing just wasn’t fitting to such a name, especially if they were killing operatives from an equivalent, although more humane, agency. If she was going to spend a good amount of time stuffed in a cell she’d might as well entertain herself as much as she possibly could till she got there.

The door was opened and the officer stood aside. Alex grinned brightly as she walked around the door and prepared to step into the car. “There’s that American hospitality. Thank you kindly madame.” She bowed towards the woman.

“Get in the damn car.”

“Copy that.” Alex nodded and managed her way in.

She was joined by a single peacekeeper, the man that had been walking ahead of them. Looking around inside the car her gaze eventually landed upon the man sitting across from her. “Nice to meet you” she leaned forward and squinted as she read the man’s surname “Landon. I’m Alexandra, or Alex for short.” She shrugged. “Whatever works for you.” She explained. “So what’s the plan here? What’s the schedule?” Another sarcastic, self-entertaining question as she sat back straight, her eyes locked on his. Allowing the silence to linger for a bit she eventually nodded slowly. “Ah. I see. A mute. Must be difficult working for an organization that requires a lot of verbal communication.” She stated.

A heavy, over exaggerated sigh escaped Alex as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes. She just wanted this over with. Hopefully her car would still be parked where she left it when she arrived at the scene. All her camera gear was in there, her phone, apartment keys. Clenching her jaw she opened her eyes and stared passed the man across from her, ignoring his existence. ‘Fuck!’ she exclaimed in her mind. She’d have to figure all that out later. Maybe the Peacekeepers could retrieve it so it didn’t get wrecked or ransacked.

Her head turned to her left as there was a knock, the door being opened a second later. The momentarily blinding sun allowed for a figure to eventually fade into Alex’s adjusting cornea’s. A set of green eyes looking upon her in the car. “Ah, the prodigy detective.” She smirked. “Alex is fine actually, preferred even.” She commented simply with a nonchalant shrug and small nod.

The detective did an exaggerated bow. “In the flesh.” He took a puff of his cigarette, taking a seat beside the D.E.E.R agent.

“Alas, someone with some humor in this group of stiffs.” Alex said simply as she let out a small breath that could pass as a chuckle, intended towards the exaggerated bow.

“So Alex, I gotta ask. What’re you doing at our crime scene? You’re supposed to be retired. First at the site of the blast, when you took the fabric from the rubble. Now you’re here, knocking out one of our guys and shooting a suspect in the knee.” He asked, glancing out the door back at the building.

Leaning back in her seat the woman sighed, hazel eyes still upon the man. Looking away she scoffed and grinned while sitting forward slightly she then proceeded to laugh before turning her attention fully to the detective. “Has no one taught you not to question a lady's age, or weight? Retired? Please, don't make seem like an elderly woman.” She chuckled. “Willingly terminated is what that file should say.” Her words were simple as she looked away for a moment. Another deep sigh came from the brunette, she couldn't avoid the questions but that didn't mean she couldn't be annoyed by them.

“Willingly terminated sounds like you were fired, but quit before the papers were filed.” Vector replied, amused as he puffed on his cigarette. The smoke tucked in between two fingers as he ashed it outside of the open door.

She clicked her tongue and pursed her lips, her shoulders came up as her head bobbed from left to right in a gesture of unsureness. “Mmm...kind of like that. I’m sure you get the idea though.” She chose to halt that conversation there. He didn’t need to know the reasons for her departure or how and why, heck, he wouldn’t even be handling this situation shortly. Alex knew she was going to Arcadia, she knew this whole thing was going to be dealt with there. As rude as it might sound, what he had to say or what he chose to do, didn’t matter and he also didn’t have the clearance for certain information. All that being said, Alex liked this lad and liking someone more often than not led to information potentially ‘leaking’ out should Alexandra find herself being able to trust this man. It would take work, on his end at least.

“Part of me is actually hoping you’re back on D.E.E.R payroll. It’d be alot better than you being in cahoots with Furor.” He added as he returned his attention to her.

As Vector’s second statement came to an end she clenched her jaw and almost glared at him. “My purpose for being here is classified.” She playfully winked towards the young detective and smirked, if what she had said wasn't exactly enough for him to understand, well then perhaps the Americans needed to screen their potentials better. “As for the suspect and the guard.” she shrugged. “Despite stumbling into one of your obnoxious machinations I still had to attempt to remain under the radar, it was a bad call but” another shrug “let's just say I'm a little rusty.” she leaned back into the seat again. “I wouldn't be questioning the event with the suspect, I'd be thanking me instead, there's no harm in accepting some help detective.” Her eyes were on his again. “Good luck getting any information out of him though, he was a little stiff. I wish I had some more time with him.” Smiling at Vector, Alexandra dropped her head slightly. “Can I ask something of you now?” She raised a brow.

“I am thankful you kept him alive. Would’ve been a hassle tracking him down, or getting another source of information if you would’ve killed him.” He exhaled some smoke, adding. “Not so thankful that you knocked out Sloan. He’s a good guy, and a friend of mine. Now I’ll have to hear him bitch about the headache you gave him.” He paused, glancing at the woman. ”What do you needa’ know?”

“I like to think I’m a bit smarter than that. It’s always a bad decision to kill someone who could be useful.” There was a slow nod of understanding from Alex. “I do apologize for your officer. Unfortunately I had no other choice, had I not done what I had, well things could’ve gone worse. If you want, give him my number and tell him that he can call me and complain about the headache if he’d like.” She smiled. The detective then proceeded to answer her question. “If you’re willing to give information that’d be great, which then means that I have two things to ask for before you ship me off.” There was a small smile that remained on her lips. “I’ll go with the first thing I was going ask anyway.” She adjusted her position, coming closer to the edge of the seat she cleared her throat. “I have rather broad shoulders, the tightness of these cuffs and where I have to position my arms is extremely irritating. Is there any way you could cuff my hands infront instead?” She raised a brow as she looked at the man. “You have my word that I won’t do anything stupid. Believe me, had I wanted to escape this whole ordeal I would have.” She explained. Clenching her jaw with a small sigh she waited and hoped that he would comply. The soreness and small twangs of stabbing pain beneath her shoulder blades were starting to grow rather irritating.

Vector took the cigarette out of his mouth, slowly exhaling more smoke. His free hand ran down his face, covering his mouth for a moment as he thought on the lady's request. “Fine.” He murmured after a moment. “Reading over your file, you could’ve overpowered the troops but instead you complied. Turn some.”

Smiling softly towards Vector, Alexandra complied and turned her back towards him a little more. It was obvious that the man wasn't happy about her request. The fact that he agreed was a good sign and Alex would make sure to keep her part of the deal, not that she had any intentions to break out of this whole situation to begin with.

His left ring finger flipped open, a small key-fob extending from it. He swiped it against the absorber cuffs, the LED lights flickering off. “There. Put your hands out front.” He said to Alex, his voice rather casual rather than commanding.

In the brief moment that the cuffs disengaged, the brunette found herself clenching her jaw, senses beginning to overload. Tightly shutting her eyes she took in a deep breath. Vector’s voice was obnoxiously loud as he spoke, his cigarette infused scent flooding her nostrils as her brain analysed and registered every detail of it for future reference. Turning around to face him she smiled softly. “Thank you.” She spoke simply in regards to him abiding to her request. Placing her arms out in front of her, she pressed her wrists together and looked him in the eyes.

“Here’s what is likely going to happen. You’ll be held here until Arcadia sends a car to pick you up. You’ll be held overnight at North Arcadia Confinement Center until D.E.E.R hashes this all out with your bosses.” He explained

She nodded slowly to his words. “Okay.” she responded simply. “Are you going to be sticking around until then?” She questioned with raised brows. “I understand why no one here wants to make conversation with me but it would be nice to have someone to talk to. Perhaps we could share some intel, off the record of course.” She attempted to reassure him, besides she had absolutely no reason to betray Vector should he choose to speak with her.

Vector clamped the cuffs around her wrists again, but left some room for her wrists to breath. Flipping the cuffs back on, the LED lights flickered back on. He shrugged, resting his cigarette in his mouth once again. ”Sure, I’ll stick around and chat. Probably gonna have to check in with Arcadia anyway.”

“Which brings me to my second question. What can you tell me about Furor and how they operate here in America?” She had played the classified card earlier, but that was simply for the sole purpose of maintaining the facade of ‘secret agent’. She didn't think Vector was affiliated with Furor in any way, he didn't have that look or vibe of global chaos bringer. She knew that Americans weren’t fans of sharing high caliber, secret knowledge, but she could hope. Furor was a terrorist group and if any of these organizations had a common enemy, it was them.

He raised his eyebrow at her second question. He actually hadn’t encountered anyone from Furor on American soil before. The only time he encountered them on a large scale was in Lagos two years ago. Other times were just small groups, made up of a few dumbasses who just hated the government. “Uhhh. How they operate in America huh.” He repeated the question and rubbed the back of his head. He laughed slightly. “I have no idea how they operate in the States. I’ve ran into them a few times overseas, but today's the first time I’ve seen them ballsy enough to attack an American building.”

The trilling of the cuffs brought with it the dampening of her senses once again, it was almost a small relief in truth as it typically took a little time for everything to be processed and adjusted. Clearing her throat with a nod Alexandra turned her attention back to Vector as he spoke. She listened to him and watched him, studied him. It seemed she had caught him with a question he was unable to answer, ‘unfortunate’ she told herself.

Vector’s laughter faded off as he continued. “I’d say this bombing may be a warning of things to come. There have been rumors that Furor would attempt an attack on New Angeles, but they’ve been nothing more than that.” He trailed off, lost in his thoughts. Last time he fought them, he lost both his arms. Part of him was hoping they’d attack. It’d feel nice to get revenge on the masked freak that took out his arms. “I know the higher ups thinks this is an isolated incident, but I don’t. I feel like something is coming.”

Hazel eyes stayed on the detective as he carried on, she remained silent for the time being, just watching. The story of his encounter with Furor evidently held more to it than just a run-in. Alex couldn’t read minds but she could tell by the way he adjusted himself and trailed off, that there was something that went off in his brain about the aforementioned group. Information that she could potentially extract at a later time, it could be a dead end but it could also be useful.

“From my experience I can say with confidence that Furor doesn’t typically do isolated incidents, they more often than not ‘go big or go home’ as the saying goes.” Alex started. “I don’t know what your experience with them may have been like, and I won’t press for personal information as such. If you were to ask me, I would say that this event seems off in a sense. I’ve never encountered an isolated Furor incident, then again I can’t be sure about how they might do things here.” She sighed slightly. “It’s certainly something to keep an eye on. I don’t know if your faction will stay on this or if it’ll get handed up to Arcadia. Should this be, in any way, related to Furor, there will be more, much, much more. This only the tip of the iceberg, and if they’re planning and targeting certain people it’ll only get worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re looking to figure out a way to level the city.” She clenched her jaw and kept her eyes on Vector. “They’re nothing but a mob of lunatics with some twisted sense of justice and a distorted vision of some sort of utopia. Since their existence they’ve needed to be shut down.” Alexandra explained.

Furor was like a mutated hydra, although cutting off one head could potentially kill the monster, the best strategy would be to cut every single one off and prevent more from growing. They started in America and if the Purifier still resided here, this would be their best bet to shut them down. Alex hoped that she wouldn’t be shut down before she could get to him.
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New Angeles
Dock District
Lindsey "Vex" Romero
11:00 AM
The outline of the reticle overlapped with the woman head. Vex exhaled slightly, a mixture of anger and disappoint escaping with the huff of breath. She was a little over half a mile away, tucked away in the top floor of an office building across the cargo-bay from the decrepit warehouse, the supposed hideout for Elijah Brandt. Arcadia beat her, and Elijah, to the warehouse. Killing the two Arcadia agents would only bring more problems for Shade, so for now Elijah would live.

The sniper watched silently as the white-haired agent talking with someone on a com-unit, while behind her the other agent and Elijah fought. Vex was a good shot, but not confident the Arcadia agent may take the bullet instead of Reaper. She frowned in disappointment as the white-haired agent broke the ground out from underneath the mercenary, and knock him unconscious. She sat up from the scope and turned on her comlink.
"Vex reporting in."
She said plainly, the other end of the radio quiet for a moment.
"Vex dear, how goes the hunting trip?"
Crow's confident and taunting voice made Vex only frown deepen. "I failed. Arcadia was already waiting for him." For a few moments, a tense silence hung in the air. "Oh well." Crow finally broke the silence. "I'm confident our friend Jinx will get the Peacekeepers off our tail at least. Come back to HQ and await further orders."
The com switched off, leaving a silence in the room once again as Vex stared out the window. Though Crow's voice was relatively cheerful, Vex knew she disappointed. Though Crow didn't openly hate Elijah, he was a loose end, and would've been happy to have him out of the way. Sebastian would've been glad that he was dead too for personal reasons, and the Doctor would likely be mad that she didn't test out his special bullets.

A failure like this made her look weak. Already the newest of the Shadows, Riley, was gaining more influence, and success, than her. Vex would put the girl in her place, and retain her position as a Shadow.

Unknown Location
2:00 PM
Purifier sat upon his throne once again, gripping the metal arms rests tightly. One of his insurgency cells in the city was wiped out by the Peacekeepers, their green-fire wielding leader "Pyroclasm" dying with them. From his sources, one of the men had survived and managed to escape from a hospital. Now the man linked up with another one of the gangs that considered themselves apart of Furor. They would get their revenge, but it wouldn't be enough to satisfy Purifier. He would retaliate soon enough, but at the moment his focus was else where.

His thoughts were on the girl the Arcadia spy told him about. Maxine. He tasked Hardwire with finding the girls location, which he did easily. Only two Arcadia agents guarded her, which would be an easy grab from Furor. Originally he was going to bring Ashmonger to retrieve the girl, but instead Hardwire suggested Jan. Purifier thought back to the conversation.
"Maxine was an easy find. Her and the Arcadia members live in the Suburbs at 9011 East Street."
"Good work. I'll have Ashmonger grab her when things settle down in a few days. Await for further orders Hardwire."

"Ashmonger may not be the best choice."
Though Purifier couldn't see the cyborg, his eyes narrowed at the computer screen the two of them talked through.

"You think I've made the wrong choice?" The words came out as a low growl, feelings of animosity slipping out with his words.
"Ashmonger has a reputation for being rather...Erratic. Though he is suitable for the job, he rarely sticks to plans. I anticipate he may get carried away and kill the girl. If I may suggest January for this task instead."
Purifier shifted in the chair uncomfortably. "Do you really think she's ready, or did she put you up to this?"

"I have never been one to take requests. I believe she is capable, and despite your fondness for the girl, she can use her abilities to keep the girl calm. If you think she may need extra protection, send some of the lower ranking members with her. This will be a worthy test for her."
Purifier was quiet for a moment. He let out a troubled sigh. "Fine. Two days from now, she can go get the child."

Flicking the monitor off, two goons wheeled the computer out, leaving their leader alone to think.

Outside New Angeles
North Arcadia Confinement Center
Director Sydney Pearl
12:29 PM
This was the first bit of good news Sydney received all day. Emilia and Naomi managed to successfully capture Reaper, who was later identified as Elijah Brandt, former Calendar Test Subject and soldier. Naomi gave him a nasty blow, and he was still out cold, so questioning would have to be until he was recovered, which shouldn't be long.
Something about the whole thing Though both girls reports were similar, why had Reaper not even fire a shot? After the girls fled the warehouse, Arcadia sent over a team to clean out the building for Intel and retrieve any evidence they could find. The team reported not a single bullet casing was found fired, despite a loaded pistol near the entrance of the upstairs room. Not only that, Emilia went toe to toe with the man and came out unscathed. The man was superhumanly strong, a single blow could've broken a bone. Perhaps this man wasn't actually Reaper, but a copy cat of sorts? No, the tests ran on the man came back that he had the June Serum in his body. It had to be something else. Sydney would have someone look into it.
For now she would congratulate the girls.

Her heels clicked on the floor, echoing them through the hallway as she entered the door way. She gave the two girls a friendly smile.
Emilia. Naomi.
As she said either agents name, she shook their hand.
I wanted to personally congratulate you two, bringing in the mercenary was honestly the best news I've had today. I'll be attaching a bonus to both of your paychecks accordingly.
She paused slipping her phone out of a pocket as it buzzed. She sighed and clicked decline, before turning her attention back towards the two women.
He hasn't woken up quite yet, nor has the research team finished sorting through his files, but I'm sure we'll find, thanks to you two. Hopefully it'll be something on the Hounds, or better yet Shade.
The phone buzzed in her pocket again. An annoyed sigh escaped her lips.
You two can relax the next few days, take a breather and recoup. Sorry, I have to take this.
She gave either agent one last smile before turning and walking back down the hall, answering the phone call.

London, England
Rex Otto
8:46 PM (12:46 PM New Angeles time)
A pair of sunglasses rested on the mans face, hiding tired eyes. The sunglasses were purely ascetic, and the sun had just disappeared below the horizon. Originally he had planned on laying around watching Netflix before he clocked out, but of course duty had to call. Now he sat slumped in his chair in front of the office of Director Monika Wagner, the head of Foreign and Public Relations.
His chin was resting in his palm, he was straining to keep his eyes open. He had been zoned out for nearly ten minutes, and was ready to doze off out of boredom.

"Agent Otto, Miss Wagner is ready to see you."
The assistants voice was distant, and Rex hadn't even realized someone had entered the waiting room.
"Agent Otto?"
"Huh? Oh."
The blonde hair'd agent said, standing and slowly slipping his hands in his pocket as he leisurely followed the assistant. The assistant pushed open the door and motioned for Rex to enter, the sluggish man glancing at a plaque reading 'Director Wagner' as he strolled inside.

"Ms. Wagner."
Rex said plainly, slouching into a chair and keeping his hands in his pockets. The women glanced up from her paperwork and acknowledged Rex's presence with a quick smile.
"Hello Agent Otto, how're you doing?"

"Alright. Why'd you want me?"
"Straight to the point. Good."
The director paused and slid a file over with two fingers. A picture of a muscly woman was the focal of the open file, bold letters typed out next to it that read. "Alex Morris". Otto glanced at the file, leaning up to get a better look. He recognized her, an experienced agent that hadn't worked with D.E.E.R in a while.

"What about her."
Barrett got her and us in a load of shit, that's what. She's been out of service for a time now, and has been living in the states. He got a hold of her and convinced her to do a job, discreetly.
A sigh escaped Rex as he listen, quickly interrupting.

"Wouldn't this be a job for Barrett's guys, not me?"
"Normally yes, but she's currently in Arcadia custody. We've arranged a deal; we send another agent to escort her out of jail, and remain there with her until it's clear she isn't working for D.E.E.R anymore. Along with us having to pay a settlement for her knocking a Peacekeeper unconscious.
Rex frowned, a hand slowly slipping from his pocket and pulling the sunglasses onto his forehead.

"You're sending me to America?"
The director nodded, and slid a plane ticket towards him.

"You leave in forty minutes, and I'd pack your gloves. Just so you don't accidentally crash the plane with a slice of wind."

Hounds HQ
Eliza Nizan

11:16 AM (6:16 PM New Angeles Time)
The woman twirled a switch blade in her hand, balancing it on her fingers as she hummed a song softly. She blew a bubble, letting it pop softly before pull the gum back into her mouth. She had been waiting in the Leon Mayers office for a few minutes now, and was already getting restless. The small confound room made her nervous. She sat up straighter and let a sigh of relief as the door opened.

She thought to herself, watching as the leader of the Hounds entered the room and took a seat on the other side of the desk. She flashed him a smile, one he didn't return as he glanced at the switch blade in her hand.
"Don't touch my things Nizan."
"Sorry about that, I was getting bored."
The woman said, setting the knife lightly in his outstretched hand.
"Have you thought about my suggestion?"
She asked as the man put the knife back into the desk. Who nodded, a conflicted look on his face.
"I have. As much as I hate the idea of taking a kid, she does belong to Arcadia."
The man trailed off, and Eliza quickly interjected
"And she will be a weapon sooner or later. Why shouldn't she be ours?"
Mayer licked his lips nervously and started to nod before shaking his head.
"She's still just a kid. You know I don't like messing with kids."
Eliza nodded, a soft smirk on her lips as she said her suggestion
"How about I take a small group with me, just to watch the family and see how she is treated. We report everything back to you, and you can decide what to do while we are there."
The man was quiet for a moment, weighing out her words in his head. Finally he sighed and nodded.
"Fine, you can lead a team of five people. You don't life a finger without my say so. Got it?"
Eliza nodded quickly, flashing Leona grin as she stood.
"You won't regret this. If I may suggest, could I take Vivian with me? This may prove a valuable learning moment for her."
"You want to take the new kid?"
Eliza nodded.
"Fine. She's under your watch. Make sure she doesn't get hurt, if any action occurs."
"You have my word sir."


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Vivian, Alexander, and Guest star Takano

Potted hydrangeas, bougainvillea, and nightshade seemed appropriate for the setting in Vivian’s eyes, though Alexander didn’t understand why she couldn’t bring roses. Roses were perfect. It symbolized power and passion. The thorns were a nice touch too. Alexander held the prisoner in a steel grip and pushed him down to the ground in the middle of the interrogation room, which seemed to be somewhat more beautiful and tolerable with Vivian’s creations. The way the flowers slithered and sparked to life made him feel confident in her ability to do her job. He grinned and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Alright, let’s see what you’ve got Viv.”

Vivian took a deep breath, eyes concentrated on the man as he struggled with the restraints around his ankles and wrists. The thorns on the bougainvillea moved swiftly across the cold tiled floor and lightly brushed against the man’s skin, slipping under his jaw and caressing his cheek.

“Takano Nakamura, was it?” Vivian spoke in a tone that was eerie. Her heels clacked against the ground in a monotonous rhythm, though her presence spoke volumes about what she wanted to do to him. Vivian crossed her arms over her chest and turned halfway, pausing to face the victim. He was a strong-willed man, he knew what was happening, and he knew how to inch his way out. That was one thing Vivian could not allow. She came down to his eye level and smiled, observing his reactions as the bougainvillea crawled across his body.

“You’re part of the Himura Family. I heard they were a well-known gang, some kind of yakuza, was it? You guys are the biggest crime syndicate in New Angeles and establish connections quicker than a mouse can sniff out its cheese. How’d you get to be so notorious?”

Takano glanced at the woman, then down at the plant that inched across his chest. He shifted uncomfortably before, muttering in Japanese before replying in English. “We kill bitches like you. Viv.” He spat on the ground towards her as he mockingly said her name. He glared at her before looking away towards the man who stood, his arms crossed. “You always have women do your dirty work, big man?”

Alexander was about to get on Takano’s tail for mocking his abilities, however, Vivian seemed to have it all lined. The plant crawling on Takano suddenly squeezed around his arms, tiny thorns digging into his flesh as Vivian narrowed her eyes and suddenly grabbed the man by the jaw.

“Look at me,” she hissed as her fingernails dug into his cheek. “You were there, weren’t you? At Royal Bank. Too bad you didn’t kill me then. You were weak, you pitiful soul. Why were you there in the first place? What was your goal?”

Takano grimaced in pain for a moment, before growling lowly to help fight the pain in his arms off. He looked the woman in the eyes, his gaze narrowing for a moment confused by the question. “Royal Bank?” He repeated the name of the bank, before laughing slightly. “Holy shit! I remember you. The girl who cried because she got her boyfriend killed.” His laughter grew. “You’ve grown up girl.” He nodded towards the other man in the room. “Guessing this is your new boy? Would be a shame if I killed him too.”

She gripped Takano’s jaw and forced him to face her, eyes angered and deadly. It was clear Takano was a fool.

“I wonder what your boss would say if I shoved nightshade down your throat. It’s particularly poisonous. No one said you needed to focus on that other man in the room. He’s just a spectator. Now, I’ll ask again. Why were you there?”

As she threaten him, his laughter quickly died off. “For money. A job gone wrong is all it was. You were at the right place at the wrong time.” He scoffed, laughing a little as he yanked his head out of the girl’s hands. “It’s funny really. You think killing me is going to bring that guy back? I still hear you crying out his name. What was it again? Bryan? No, it started with an R.” He paused, trailing off before smiling and looking his torturer in the eyes. “Ryan, that was it, wasn’t it?”

Her skin prickled at the sound of the perpetrator saying Ryan’s name. She didn’t need Takano sharing her supposed life story with her so-called boyfriend, especially not with Alexander in the room. The thorns dug deeper into Takano’s skin, piercing the second layer of flesh.

“Don’t say his name like you know who he is,” she threatened. “Who killed him? Even better, who made the order to kill him? Your boss?”

He scowled in pain, writhing at thorns digging into his arms and piercing his chest. “You fucking bitch.” He said plainly, trying to free himself from the chair only to cause himself more pain. “Who killed him? You would be the one to do that. Everything was going smoothly until he tried to be a fucking hero.” Spit dripped from his mouth, anger growing in his eyes. “You’re worse than we were. We gave Ryan a quick death. Boom, one bullet to the brain.” A mad laugh escaped his lips. “I still remember the last breath he took, gasping as he looked up at you. Tell me Viv, do you remember?”

She could remember. She could remember his eyes, scared but good. He was happy, but afraid to die. Vivian couldn’t bear his face appearing again in the recesses of her mind. She immediately latched her hands onto his throat and pinned him down to the ground, her grip like steel as she leaned down and breathed in his face, a dark purplish vapor leaving her lips and wafting towards Takano’s nose– the poison from the nightshade berries that could kill man in an instant after ten or so.

“I remember that I’m here to kill because you aren’t being very helpful to me.”

“Wait, Vivian,” Alexander warned, stepping forward. “Stop. Hold on a second.”

Alexander approached the duo. The first effect, dizziness, would come along almost immediately to Takano. The more her emotions were struck, the faster her abilities came and the less she was able to control. She was able to hold back for a few moments as she loosened her grip on Takano’s throat and spoke again.

“Let’s be honest. You will never break my spirits nor will you slow down my hunt for the man that ended Ryan’s life. His life was more precious than anyone else’s. He had a lot to live for and you fuckers ruined it. You “fucking bitch” ruined it. You are so pathetic, so scared, I know. You have fears, you put on your stupid facade because you’re used to this, but I know the truth. You fear death just as much as anyone of us and I can give you death in the most intoxicating way possible. You won’t even realize you’re dying until the last moment when you finally feel your heart slow down to its very last beat.”

Takano scoffed at her words and tried to keep his eyes open from the constant blur that shifted in and out of light. He gasped for air and forgot about the pain on his skin. Instead, he was focused on the pain growing in his lungs. “You’re–,” he coughed,”–going to die trying to avenge him.” Takano managed to finish the sentence, the words becoming jumbled together.

“Wait, Vivian! Stop it!” Alexander yelled in a stern manner as he reached out to touch Vivian and pull her away. She grimaced and shrugged Alexander’s grip off.

“You’re going to die because Ryan wills it,” Vivian hissed, immediately opened the man’s mouth, and kissed him hard and deep, the poisonous vapors releasing two times fold, rushing into the man’s system. Alexander just barely managed to pull Vivian back before Takano spoke his last words, “Ryan would be disappointed.”

The man’s body fell limp and Vivian stared in horror as his eyes stared wide open across the room. Alexander stepped out in front of Vivian and checked the man’s pulse. He was dead as a rat.

“Ah, shit,” Alexander exclaimed. “You killed him, Viv!”

Vivian coiled, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I wasn’t thinking.”

“Ah well. He’s killed, he’s killed. We’ll find info through the other suspects. It’s okay. Try not to use so much force or let your anger take over. You really went for it though,” Alexander spoke as his hand scratched the back of his head. He stood up and Vivian couldn’t help but continue to stare at the dead man.

“Let’s go see what the others are up to. We'll pick this up later."&

Apparently, Eliza had a mission she needed to fulfill and wanted to take Vivian along for the ride.

“Be careful, Eliza. She can pack quite the punch,” Alexander grinned and winked at Vivian before the two headed out. Vivian, unsure of where they were going or who they were dealing with, followed Eliza dutifully, being careful not to let emotions build up during the beginning of their mission.


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[Location] Old-Town New Angles Alleyway, Eidos
[Time] 12:12 A.M


With the young lady's word's Lepton's eye twitched as all his worries were confirmed, that the man and the girl were being pursued by Arcadia, he didn't know for what reason Arcadia was chasing down the man, depending on the severity of his crime, whether it was murder or just existing, he could very well bring lots of trouble to Eidos. The best course of action was to just help them, it wasn't just an act of conscience, it was an act of logic. If he turned the duo away it was clear that the girl was incapable of taking care of an unconscious man, them being captured by Arcadia means potential of the girl selling out. The safety of the amateurish escape team is now very likely tied to his own.

"I have no idea how he got the cuts. I just met him today, I don't even know his real name. They just called him 964. I call him Nine for short"

"Hmph, typical I guess."

The elder doctor let out a disapproving comment, typical of the organization to do such a thing. Floating back to a time where his youthful sense of justice was still omnipresent in his life, he once fought against the practice, but Arcadia directors won't listen to scientists when it came to ethics, regardless of how many PhDs they have.

"Do you think he'll live Dr. Seamyar?"

Lepton glanced over at the girl, the man's injuries were quiet troubling, but most likely not life threatening as long as he isn't left out in the wilderness or something like that. From what he can see a lot of the blood caked on the man wasn't even his, his unconsciousness wasn't purely from blood lost either, it was a combination of fatigue and starvation. The wounds would do fine after they're stitched, but the broken ribs would need the man to settle down for awhile. The doctor stood up to the counter, Nine had a large build, he doubted that he and the girl can get him into another room without making those ribs worse.

"Of course, from what I can see I doubt most of this blood is actually his."

Opening the counter drawers Lepton pulled out some supply, the special air sanitation spray costed quiet a bit on the black market, but he didn't know if it would be appropriate to charge the girl extra for someone who's a stranger to her. It was a quick supply gathering, it was something common after all. He would address the ribs after the opened wounds are cleaned. Gloves, medical alcohol, painkillers, and finally a long white doctor's coat. On the coat's chest pocket small words and am emblem was sewed on.

[Prof. L. Seamyar
January Initiative]

"There's a few big ones that needs to be stitched, dissolvable, really the last thing I want is for you two to come here again." The doctor mumbled calmly as he began cleaning the larger wounds, removing the dirt around showed the arm wound more clearly. The wound was jagged, and deep into the tissue, seemingly connected to some veins. It certainly has something to do with Arcadia trackers, the only thing Lepton can think now is how thankful he is that this man had the common sense to remove it.

"The broken ribs I can't do anything about, they aren't that bad so you can really only wait for them to heal." He continued a bit half heatedly as he continued the process. "I'll get something to easy the pain, but don't blame me if he dies from some unknown medical allergy."
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New Angeles
Ashley Coleman
12:28 PM
Ashley shifted uncomfortably in the chair as she watched the doctor at the mention of him dying. "Of course, I understand." She nodded, standing from the chair and took a step towards the door. "I'll be back doctor, I think I need some fresh air." Without waiting for a response, Ashley scooped her hoodie off the floor and headed out the door, checking either direction in the alleyway before taking a deep breath. She had to get payment, both for food and to pay Lepton.

It took roughly fifteen minutes for Ashley to reach the outside of her apartment, a walk that would normally take thirty minutes though thanks to the rooftops, it allowed Ashley to move relatively safely and quickly. Now getting inside her apartment would be another story. Around the corner of the apartment was the black van that Arcadia was using, no doubt housing the metal arm goon and his posse. Guessing from various TV shows and movies, Ashley figured they'd have probably one person set up watching the apartment with a sniper. Possibly another one or two people inside the building waiting for her. This wasn't going to be easy; but she had to get money for the doctor somehow. Taking a deep breath, she slipped on the hoodie and pulled the gas mask around her neck to cover her mouth.

Walking up the stairs was eerily quiet, as if the apartment was abandoned. Ashley was anxious, she knew Metal-Guy was somewhere in the building; waiting for her to spring the trap that inevitably was set in her building. She reached her floor, glancing down the hallway in either direction before slowly making her way to her door. As expected, someone had been there. The door was busted in, several piece of the door crumbled on the ground. Taking a step in, she glanced around; the kitchen and living room was ransacked. The blinds were pulled off the windows, laying torn on the floor. She could feel their eyes on her, and she thought back to her make-shift plan.
Lock the place down

She felt her powers channeling through her body as a dark purple barrier formed in front of the windows, a similar one forming at the door way. Each barrier was too dark too see through, granting her some privacy as she followed the second step of her plan.
Get some money

She made her way to her room, opening the door to another cluttered room. She heard pounding on the barrier blocking the door. "What the fuck is this shit." A voice echoed from the barrier, a second voice murmuring something angrily accompanied by another pound. The barrier would hold, Ashley knew that. She had to focus on getting the money. Grabbing her knocked over dresser, she lifted it up struggling with it before powering through and pushing it away from the closet. Sliding the closet open, it was a mess but not as bad as her room. Moving some clothes over, she found the cubby embedded in the floor and lifted it open. A safe sat in the hole, untouched by the guys who raided her house. Putting in the code, her brothers birthday, she let out a sigh of relief seeing the wad of cash rubber banded together in the safe. It wasn't too much, roughly six hundred, but it was all the cash she didn't have stored in the bank.
Grabbing the money, she quickly scrounged around the room for a bag. Finding one she put the money in it, tossed some clothes on top of it, and zipped the back. She heard more talking at the door but was unsure of what they said. She didn't care; now it was time to do the last part of her plan.

Get out

She had to focus, she extended a hand towards the floor and took a deep breath. She felt her power flowing from her finger tips, creating strings of energy that flowedto the palm of her hand, a ball of red light forming. Pounding on the door and fire escape barriers startled her, but she stayed focused. The red ball grew in size, roughly to the size of a tennis ball.
The door barrier was starting to fade, cracks forming in the center of it. With each hit, the cracks expanded more and more. She had to hurry.
The red ball was about the size of a volleyball in another few moments. Ashley licked her lips nervously, unsure if it would work.

She let the tension in the strings go, flinging the red ball forward like a slingshot. The ball struck the floor, expanding to about the size of a man-hole before exploding the floor into a mess of debris. When the smoke cleared and debris settle, a sizable hole was left in it's wake. The hole was crispy on the edges, charred from the heat of the ball. Through the hole was the apartment below hers, the owners luckily out for the day. Smiling beneath her mask, she tossed the bag down as the barrier of the door shattered to pieces. The happiness draining from her face, she hopped down the hole as the first soldier entered the living room, spotting her disappear below.
"She's below us!"
The voice called out, his foot steps rushing to the hole. Blocking the hole with more energy, she snatched up the bag and headed towards the front door and through it open. Above her the steps of more soldiers echoed towards the stairs. She was hoping to sneak out below them if the barrier held, but since it was broken she had to alter the plan. Slamming the door shut, she ran towards the window.

A ball of energy formed around Ashley, protecting her from the glass as she fell one more floor to the ground. The ball cracked after the drop as she landed on a parked car, crushing the roof of it. Rolling off, she ran down the street. A gun shot behind her startled her, but to her luck the bullet slammed into the wall behind her. Above on the fire escape, a man fired an assault rifle down at her. She disappeared around the corner, but not before a bullet hit her arm. She cursed, and gripped her arm tightly. Tears weld up in her eyes, but the adrenaline was helping her deal with the pain. She booked it down the road, yelling forming behind her. She took a deep breath, thinking out how she'd loose them. The rev of a car engine startled her as the black van came barreling towards her. Skidding to a stop, she froze with fear.
She saw the man behind the wheel; the guy with the metal arms. She gripped her hand closed angrily, glaring at the van. It wasn't too far away now, and didn't show signs of stopping. Raising a hand, a beam of neon light formed beneath the side of the van, knocking it into the air.

Twisting in the air, it rolled a few feet to the side of Ashley. Not wanting to waste time, she kept going down the street. She turned down an alleyway, cutting through it before reaching a manhole. She wasn't too experienced with traveling in the sewers, and had only done it on occasion. Regardless, any place was better than here.

Cresion Breezes Cresion Breezes StareNation StareNation
Rather it was luck or the soldiers stupidity, she made it out of her apartment. It took twelve minutes of her wandering through the sewers before finding a way out of the sewer, four of those minutes she took to wrap a scrap of her shirt around her bleeding arm. The bullet grazed her arm, which was a good thing, but the wound didn't stop bleeding. She took her mask off and took a breath of fresh air once out of the sewers and headed towards the road. So far no signs of Arcadia or Peacekeepers. Ashley headed towards a fast-food joint, Burger One, and quickly grabbed some food. Several people were looking at her funny, and she new why. She looked like hell, and smelt worse. After paying for the burgers, she made her way to the roof tops once again, careful to make sure no one saw her.

It took fifteen minutes to find where she was, and another five to find Eidos. She smiled happily to herself, murmuring aloud "I can't wait to rest." She glanced at her watch, 1:34. Pushing the door open, she waved the bag of food in the air saying. "Nine! Doctor Lepton! I'm back with lunch."

New Angeles
Old Warehouse
Detective Anderson
1:13 PM

Huntress Huntress
Vector gave Alex a smile and a nod. "Agreed." He raised a metallic hand to showcase his cybernetics. "I got these beauties two years ago in Lagos thanks to Furor. Guess you could say I'm just eager to settle the score."
Foot steps approached the two as they talked, at first Vector didn't notice them but he picked up on them. He glanced towards the sound, the cadet walking with a clipboard. "Detective Anderson." He glanced at the prisoner, disregarded her and brought his attention back to Vector. "The Arcadia agents are here, is she going with them?"
Vector frowned but nodded. "Already here? Damn they work fast. Yeah, she's not our problem. Send them our way." He looked back at Alex. "Looks like this is goodbye for now Alex." He took a step out of the car and gave her a two-finger salute. "Be on your best behavior."

The two Arcadia agents walked up behind him, ignoring the detective and calling to Alex, one of the agents said. "Ms. Morris, please step out of the car."

New Angeles
North Arcadia Confinement Center
Elijah Brandt

10:00 AM, July 30th
Elijah had spent the majority of the following day in and out of consciousness, the blow Emilia's friend dealt him being relatively efficient. A lesser man would've died, but his healing factor kept him going. He awoke early in the morning in the medical portion of the Arcadia building. A pair of cuffs were around his wrists and ankles, with a collar around his neck. It hadn't been comfortable, but at least he wasn't in a cell.

It wasn't until nine thirty that he was escorted from the hospital bed to an interrogation room, where he waited patiently for another thirty minutes before something finally happened. The door opened, the sound of heels clicking on the tile hallway outside echoed into the room. Elijah glanced up at the door, yawning as Director Sydney Pearl walked into the room. The door closed behind her and an eerie silence hung in the room. She placed a cup of coffee on the table, slipped off her jacket, and took a seat in a chair across from Elijah. She took a drink from the coffee, her eyes fixed on the mercenary.
"So you gonna say anything or are we having a staring contest director?"
Elijah broke the silence, the half-ass joke hanging in the air. "I don't get it. Why did you come so compliantly?" She finally spoke, her eyes unmoving on the man. "I put up a fight. Your agents just got the better of me." She shook her head. "No, you didn't fire a shot despite having a loaded pistol on you. Emilia was perfectly fine after sparing with you. Every other agent that we've sent after you winded up dead or with broken bones." Elijah shrugged and smiled. "Maybe I'm getting softer the older I get?"
The director sighed, it was clear she wasn't going to be getting any information out of him about this. "Fine. Tell us about the bombing. Are you working with Furor?" The question surprised Elijah, who sat back in his chair. "Furor? Why the hell would I work with those nut jobs." Sydney took another drink of her coffee. "Peacekeepers traced the origin of the bomb to a Furor compound. We just don't know why you'd plant a bomb for them."

Elijah shook his head. "I didn't bring it with me. Some Shade assassin did." This peaked the directors interest. "Shade?" Elijah nodded. "Do you think they're working with Furor?" Elijah shrugged in response. Sydney frowned, unsure of what to make of the situation. "I'll ask you this once Brandt; will you comply with Arcadia and join our ranks?" Elijah didn't answer. "Fine. You'll be held here for a few days before being shipped off to a holding facility up in Washington. Enjoy your life behind bars Reaper."

New Angeles
Downtown Loft
Vector Anderson
9:00 AM, July 30th
Pupperr Pupperr
The beeping of his alarm clock woke Vector up, who groggily rolled over to switch it off. He sat at the edge of his bed, taking a look at the morning hours of the downtown part of the city. It was such a dramatic contrast to the slums he spent his day in yesterday. Traffic honked below, people walked the streets heading towards their jobs, and a helicopter flew past his window. He yawned and set off to do his morning routine.
Take a shower, stretch, get breakfast and set out to work. The day before, once he wrapped up at the crime scene he had to head back to the Peacekeeper station in the Cloud District to fill out paperwork, which took up the majority of his afternoon.
To his surprise, he was met with applause at the office. The majority of the time most officers looked at Vector with envy or distrust. He was younger than most of them, but held a high position in the company. It wasn't a secret most people thought he couldn't be good at his job; but yesterday proved it. He saved the girl and shut down a Furor operation, all by himself. He was invited to go with a few of the officers out to a bar in Chinatown the next day, which Vector happily accepted.
That wasn't the only surprise he received that day. Riley called him when he was in the middle of his paperwork and after a brief chat, Vector had a date to take with him to Chinatown. Overall it was a pretty good day.

He left his loft, taking the elevator to the bottom floor of his apartment complex, a nice high-rise building in the central part of New Angeles. The Peacekeepers paid him well enough to afford a penthouse, but his loft was perfect for him. Not too big, a good open space, and a good view of the city. Waiting outside the Highrise was his chauffeur, ready to take him to the Peacekeeper office once again. Climbing into the back of the vehicle, Vector checked his watch. 10:04. Not bad, but he was four minutes past his normal time. He pulled out his phone, hovering over "Riley" before clicking on it. He sent her a quick text.

Morning Riley, we still on for tonight?