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Holy Terror
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Black Magic & Golden Hearts

Story Setting Creatures Factions Rules

  • The Story
    In the quiet river town of Aldenburg, magical creatures secretly live alongside humans. The masquerade has been successfully held for several years now, especially with a declining belief in the supernatural.

    However, a new force appears that threatens this quiet peace. An evil witch has set up an antique store in town and is selling cursed items to unsuspecting humans.

    It’s up to the townspeople to decide if they want to chase her out and protect their lifestyle, allow humans to learn about the secrets of magic, or harness these dark forces for themselves and remove all humans to create a magical paradise.
  • Setting
    Once upon a time, fairytales and myths were all perfectly real. However, human greed is a universal constant, and magical beings were forced into hiding as human civilization became more brutal and bloodthirsty through their technology.

    This brings us to modern day - specifically a certain, quiet riverside town where nothing much seems to happen, where no one seems to leave, and no one seems to get in.
    Green and hilly in the summer, and a snowy murderous death trap in the winter. Aldenburg is usually a pretty uneventful place, its most notable feature is a big river bisecting the town – and the silent majority of non-human citizens. But shhhh, people aren’t supposed to know about that. After all, if everyone knows, then it's not a secret anymore! And then we'd have to kill you.
    The financial and shopping district of Aldenburg. It reeks of forced development, subpar construction, and the desperate attempts of suburbia trying to be hip and cool. That might just be the essential oils, though. On the bright side, it has Starbucks. And Chipotle. Bringing avocados to the impoverished masses is important, right?
    High River
    The one and only High River, that splits Aldenburg in two. It runs roughly north-south, resulting in the richer West Aldenburg, where downtown is, and the poorer, more residential East Aldenburg.
    Miss Black's Antiques
    A strange little shop that opened overnight on the east bank of the river, in what used to be an abandoned storefront. It’s owned and operated by Miss Black and her horde of cats. Although she mostly sells antiques, she also apparently dabbles in the occult. Strange things happen to people who go to her store.
    Church of Saint Dimas
    An old Catholic church in East Aldenburg. It's a house of the Lord, named for the Good Thief and patron saint of undertakers, but it also seems to be its own bubble of inexplicable events. The building always smells strongly of incense, and sometimes something…. Danker.
    Saint Dimas' Cemetery
    Behind the church is a small cemetery, protected by a stone wall and iron gates and filled with lush grass and artistic tombstones. Almost every ghost story from Aldenburg involves Saint Dimas's cemetery. Almost every zombie story, too.
    Harmony High School
    The only public high school in Aldenburg, it was built in the 70s to "bring together" the two halves of the town. Yes, it saved money. No, it did not magically stop people from bickering about who is from the "right" or the "wrong" side of the river. No, no one takes its name seriously. The high school mascot used to be an angel until the 90s, when it was changed to a dove to be more religiously inclusive. It's unfortunate that there's a lot of hawks in the surrounding woods.
    Oakley Park
    A very pleasant and shaded park, full of old trees and wildflowers. It's a very popular place for long walks under the moonlight, if you catch the drift. Superstition says sharing your first kiss here will result in a long and happy relationship. Superstition also says that if you dump your girlfriend here, a nymph will rise out of the sewer grate and try to drown you, and also that said nymph is extremely fond of the third oak tree from the left of the municipal boat ramp.
    Aldenburg University
    A tiny liberal arts school where everyone has dated everyone else’s ex. It has a surprisingly wonderful computer lab, but that might be because the head of the IT department has a gaming addiction and never leaves the school basement. Unrelated, the pharmacy makes a killing in Vitamin D supplements.​
  • Creatures
    Below is a (very small and not at all comprehensive) selection of races you can choose for your characters. I don’t need any sort of specific ratio, so don’t worry about an even cast! All I ask is that if you’re the kind of person to play multiple characters, to please consider making a human at some point. I have a suspicion they will be vastly outnumbered by the monsters!
    Totally normal inhabitants of Earth, mostly. Some humans can sense magic energies, and an even smaller number can manipulate this, earning titles over history such as Witch, Shaman, Sorceress, Mage, etc. Some people believe that those who have magical abilities have supernatural breeding. That’s quite silly though, who even believes in this stuff?
    The monsters and creatures of lore that you grew up with are real – and chances are, if they aren’t romping around on Earth, they are probably... actually still romping around on Earth, just with a bit more stealth. Can't have those hunters wiping out the last branches of the family, after all. Commonly thought-of “monsters” include fairies, werewolves, and sirens.
    These eerie blank-eyed shadow-like creatures do exactly as their name says – they appear in areas with high concentrations of magical energy and feed on it. While (mostly) harmless to normal humans, they can be a huge nuisance to magical beings by draining entire areas of energy. No one is entirely sure where they come from – some theorize that they’re the will of some sort of universal regulator, keeping the magic and the mundane in balance. Others think that they’re mutant chimeras or something, which honestly sounds way cooler.​
  • Factions
    Need an idea of what your character's motive is? There's not really official factions, but here's some fine and upstanding people your character might want to consider aligning with.
    Citizens of Aldenburg
    Nothing strange happening over here! At least, not out in the open. These folks are just trying to live their lives in peace and quiet.
    Witch hunters, monster hunters, demon hunters... The humans have a long standing tradition of seeing magic and deciding it is Bad, and Needs to Go. These people get hired to kill supernatural beings for a myriad of reasons, and it's not totally unheard of for someone to disappear in the night because some faraway businessman heard about some magical medicine to help keep his dick up.
    International Regulatory Board of Magic
    Picture the United Nations, but even more ineffectual. That's IRBM. These guys are supposed to be an international agency that helps protect supernatural beings from each other. Individual agents are fine, but the official boardroom is known as a pathetic proxy war between ancient pantheons. Last year's open forum is now known as simply "The Revenge of Carthage". Investigations are ongoing.
    Undead Union
    Look, the dead want to rest in peace. But noooo, these whippersnappers gotta go and stir the pot, mess with ancestral burial grounds, disrespect the dead - it's sacrilege! Simply put, UU is a club of undead beings who host conventions all over the globe on Halloween and complain about kids these days and how no one really respects death like they used to. They are unsure of what to make of atheists.​
  • Rules
    Be excellent to each other.

    Message Caracal with any questions.

    Post your profile in the Sign-Up thread, and I'll give you a shout when I approve your profile.

    Try to post about once a week, a paragraph or two per post.

    Join the OOC Discord server, we have a PVP bot, it's hilarious.
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Henrik "Rik" Wolfe
@ the cafe with an ever-changing name

Ah~ It was such a pleasant conversation~ There are very few people that are able to consistently tolerate him at his most talkative, and one of them is the ever wonderful Cindy~ And her delighted expression at his gift made his already great day even better~ And oh my! She even removed her precious and stylish witch hat to wear it! Needless to say, the boy wore a delighted expression on his face during the whole exchange, he was so blissful in fact that he was only really focused on Cindy, his thoughts and the conversation, all while wearing the biggest smile he has had in a while. And it only got bigger as Cindy expressed how much she also liked the gloves and how warm the set was and well, this whole exchange reminded Henrik exactly why the girl was one of his most favorite people ever~

"I'm so happy that you like them so much Cindy~ I worked my butt off for that ya know! And new pastry ideas? Ohhhhh, knowing you there will be a TON of great and interesting ones~ Like last year-"

"Yeah... actually, that IS my boss. He is quite the nice man even if it does not look like it! I mean, he hired ME of all people to work for him, despite not knowing me too much, so he can't be a bad person! And yeah, today is supposed to be my first day, I enter work in about... 2 more hours as a clerk and shopkeeper, should be interesting~ Ok! We'll talk later then~ See you at nighttime~ And have ready some good alcohol!"

After finishing his pleasant chat with the establishment's co-owner, the boy grabbed his order and promptly went to sit at an empty table nearby the counter. After gently placing his food and drink on top of the table, he pulled out an incomplete set of deep blue yarn gloves from his bag and started finishing them while also taking occasional sips of coffee or bites of the lemon pie.

(OOC: Now my boy is ready to do what he originally wanted to do xD And since his attention always wonders, he may notice something going on around the shop~)
indiquilli indiquilli
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Hakk'thur cracked a smile, but the general malformation of his face hid the expression pretty well. Yeah, it's true, Aldenburg sure is a hell of a weird spot, but that made it all the more fun, right? Ordinary humans are entertaining, but he's never had any of them really dig into what the hell he is, because they just... can't, usually. But the other oddities? Like the shapeshifter here, or other magically attuned beings? They're fun. They figure things out fast... which was also a big risk when they held power, but it seemed like Mister Shifter here was a fine fellow.

"Oh, no particular reason. I like to know things that are going on in town. When you've got so many heads, you tend to see more, hear more, than the average person... so I like to make sure that others of my ilk aren't being targeted by anyone but me." Hakk'thur gave his chin a thorough scratch before rephrasing his words. "Well, targeting is a strong word. I like to keep tabs, rather. See who's good news and who's not, keep my eyes and ears out of trouble."

He kept silent for a few moments before locking eyes with the other man. "You might want to be a little more inconspicuous with you business as well. A white bird is something a lot of people remember seeing, and one that flies near a man in a suit is an easy target, should anyone want to look into it."

Polaris North Polaris North
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