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Name: Tanith
Nicknames: "If you call me anything other than Tanith I will send you to your God."
Age: 24
Presumably Summer 1
Height: 5'8
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Residence: Inn Room 02

Personality: Tanith is calm, relaxed and guarded, she's tight-lipped and has been noted to make an effort in avoiding people, and keeping a conversation to just necessities. She is shamelessly selfish and has no qualms of cutting down people who get in her way. Despite this, she is surprisingly wise, willing to advise people she deems worthwhile. Despite being so anti-social, she doesn't mind forming a few close bonds, and is actually quite the leader if the situation calls for it! Her wit is her greatest weapon.

Biography: Tanith just woke up one day and existed. She had no exact memories of a past life but didn't correctly show symptoms of memory loss, knowing how to read and write (and in several different languages no less) and even some basic information. She was eventually taken in by a church for about a year before gathering enough knowledge about where she was to venture out into the world. In reality, she just wanted some freedom from Gods name. She had come across a little town that seemed quiet enough to her liking. With Silas's generosity, the girl has decided to stay at the in, occasionally bringing back game from her trips to the forest and some valuable herbs to sell.

She lives life calmly, but still willing to go after bits of her identity if the opportunity arises.

Likes: Summer and all the fun it brings, Drinks, Meat, Jelly,
Loves: Sunbathing, Reptiles, Peace, and quiet, Hunting

Dislikes: Noisy people, the cold, Reading, Cinnamon
Fears: Vita, Bears, Failing

-Tanith gets along well with all reptiles, dragons included. It's actually quite an anomaly that even a rattlesnake won't attack her if she accidentally treads in its home.
-She's scared of Vita, there's no explanation. Something about her is just terrifying.
-She always repays her debts and then some. After all it's good to have a few people who owe you.

Candi Cosmo

Possibly the Worst
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Orbitron Inconsolata

Ezra Eden

BIRTHDAY | AGE: Winter 40 | 28
GENDER | SEXUALITY: Female | Pansexual
ROLE: Pharmacist
RESIDENCE: Apothecary 2nd Floor
LIKES: Music, Helping, Nature, Floral Tea
DISLIKES: Fighting, Sickness, Storms
LOVES: Flowers, the Lute, Erza
FEARS: Thunder(Storms make her uncomfortable in general), Losing her sister.
PERSONALITY: Ezra is confident and strong willed-- sometimes on a stubborn side. Between the two Eden twins, Ezra acts as the older sister. She is a take charge kind of girl, and is generally willing to do and/or sacrifice what’s needed for it. However, as she is so strong willed, she is still kind and seemingly gentle. Anyone who needs the help, she will be there. Though if you mess with her, or her sister, or her grandmother, she can be very vindictive. That being said, she is very connected and protective of her sister Erza.

Biography: Ezra is the twin sister of Erza Eden. The two have been nearly inseparable since birth, and as such have a pretty close connection. When they were younger, they moved in with their grandmother. Whether their parents are alive or not, they don’t really touch the subject. At least Ezra doesn’t. She’d sooner explain that Her grandmother is all they need. As they were really young when they started living in dragues, they’ve lived in town since.

As they grew older, they both chose their different paths in life. While both chose to follow the medical path, Ezra followed her grandmother’s a little closer. After the Grandmother retired, Ezra took over the family business as the pharmacist of Dragues. While she truly doesn’t mind, she knew one of the girls would have to-- and she was happy to do it so that her sister could follow her own dreams.

As it were, Ezra lives with Erza and their grandmother still in the apartment above the Apothecary. While Ezra has no plans to move out, she does hope to find a piece of life to call her own.

Extra: Ezra learned to play the Lute from her Grandmother. | Has a sort of green thumb. The apartment is full of houseplants and flowers that Ezra adore. | Has had a one sided crush on someone in Dragues for a very long time. (shh, it's a secret.)

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echo, erie, still a chick
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Name/Nicknames: Aureliana Crysos
Age/Birthday: 29 | Fall 28
Gender/Sexuality: Female | Bisexual (Bye-sexual 'cause she's not interested in you)
Role: Tailor
Residence: Medium Upperside house 2

Personality: Much like another resident of Dragues, Aureliana is as extra as she can get. However she holds onto her decadent and dramatic lifestyle in a much different way. She pours her attention into fashion be it male or female. Aureliana is honest to a fault. She hates the idea that anyone would lie about simple things but if life is broken down, all life to her is simple. Especially in Dragues. On the other hand, Aureliana is very secretive. She doesn’t think that anyone should need to know any more about her past her clothing.

Bio: Aureliana was born in another city, a far busier city than Dragues. She lived there until the passing of both her parents in a rather tragic way that she never tells the true story about. One day they drowned on a calm ocean, the next it was a tragic case of mistaken identity and they were murdered. Either way, they are gone and she doesn’t often talk about them beyond a few off-colour comments if something reminds her of them.

Having lived in Dragues for nearly a decade now, Aureliana has fallen into a comfortable rhythm of the quiet life. She enjoys being a big fish in a small pond in terms of fashion.




  • New fabrics
  • Clear nights and new moons
  • Midnight strolls
  • Finding a new muse

  • Hot drinks on cold nights
  • Lavender and Vanilla

  • Clutter
  • Not having her own space
  • Cheap people



  • Blood​
  • Heights​


  • Had her eyes bewitched to be able to see better. The colour change to bright orange was a side effect that she didn't mind keeping.
  • Extremely proud of her work and a quite a bit vain about her own appearance. She'll never let anyone see her first thing in the morning.
  • So much jewelry. Like. A small treasure trove of gold and jewels.
  • Strangely always immaculately manicured nails and no bad hair days.

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Gaius Veretti

Age / Birthday
19 / Winter 9

Gender / Sexuality
Male / Straight

Dragon Doctor

Marketside House 02

Gaius is the definition of cynical and introverted. He takes on an extremely realist view that might offputting and push away some people but it allows him to make the best choices when dealing with people. He would rather focus on making other people happy than facing up to his feelings, often times making choices that might reflect badly on him or hurt him in some way if it helps another. Gaius doesn't outwardly show his feelings in any circumstance he can control, though rarely he is known to break this facade. Ever since the accident, Gaius has become quite hardworking regarding trying to obtain knowledge. This is due to the fact that as a Dragon Doctor, he could potentially hurt or kill a Dragon and its rider if he makes a mistake/misdiagnosis. Being a Dragon Doctor has also made him more serious, but only because his occupation demands it. This has matured him a lot also.

Gaius had grown up around Dragons his entire life. Gaius was born to a loving mother and father, though it didn't exactly last that long. It wasn't due to a broken marriage or an affair, but a riding accident. His mother died after falling due to a midair collision with another Dragon. It devastated Gaius' father though Gaius himself wasn't old enough to know what that meant. It was up to his father to raise him by himself.

When Gaius was around the age of 10 it seemed that he understood how he differed from the other children. He didn't go out and play or do dangerous things like the rest of his peers. Instead, Gaius would rather stay by his father's side, learning about Dragons and the people who rid them. This also led to Gaius questioning what his mother was like or what she did when she was alive. Wanting to follow in his mother's footsteps he attempted to become a rider. At the age of 12, he tried joining the Dragon Riders. At first, the denied him, although after quite a bit of dedication he matured himself to be allowed into the camp. At 13 Gaius became a recruit. Gaius ended up bonding with his Dragon at 15 and decided to spend the rest of his life doing what he loved. Dragon Riding.

However, it wouldn't end up like that. Unfortunately, at the age of 18 there was an accident. While treating a Dragon, it had ended up lashing out in a state of panic killing his father. It was an accident and these things have been known to happen, though it is quite rare. With nobody to take the mantle of Dragon Doctor, and the possibility of not getting another one for quite a long time something had to be done. Instead of following in the footsteps of his mother, dear fate had pushed him into another direction. For the good of his friends and everyone who depended on Dragons and what they did, Gaius stepped into the role. He had quite a bit of knowledge already from watching and working with his father when he was alive, and the rest of the information was written down in journals that were kept. Gaius' father knew that something like this could happen so he took precautions. However, there was so much it could equate to a few encyclopedias. His father's life work. Gaius still had responsibilities to take care of his dragon and with his newfound job finding time for it was quite difficult, so he is still reading through them to this day.​









Causing his Dragons death

Trying Exotic Food

Riding during when its Dark

Abusive riders

Making a mistake as Dragon Doctor


Being Useful

Taking advantage of people

Not living up to his father's legacy

Looking up at the Night Sky


3+ Extra Info
- Has a tendency to be OCD regarding his work -
- Keeps a journal of the Dragons he has met and their behaviors/quirks -
- Refuses to be called "Mister Veretti" as it was what his father went by -
- Has a female Dragon named Luna -
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