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You've gotta dance like nobody's watching   
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You've gotta dance like nobody's watching   
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A Few Posts A Day, One Post a Week
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Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive
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Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Horror, LGBT+, Steampunk, Comedy, Post-apocalyptic, 80s
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Cormorant Garamond
IM Fell English SC

Oliver Whitefang
raw - jim williams
Age: 17
Race: Half-Vampire
House: Gryffindor
Year: Sixth Year

Electives: Ancient Studies
Clubs: Charms Club, Orchestra Club (Piano, Leader)

Growing up isolated for the most part of his childhood has greatly molded Oliver's personality. He's a childish young fellow with an affinity for children—probably owing to the fact that he acts and thinks exactly like them. This makes him a bit difficult to deal with, as he is prone to tantrums and overblown theatrics. The smallest splinter can cause him to burst into (usually fake and exaggerated) tears, sometimes accompanied with melodramatic spiels over how he's just a brush away from death. This does not only point to his low pain tolerance, but also the fact that, much like a baby, he needs and vies for other people's attention. It would make him a perfect fit for the theater business, if it weren't for the fact that he is terrible at acting despite doing it so often.

When he is not being a cocky self-involved brat, he can be charismatic if he puts his mind to it. One can argue this has more to do with his looks rather than his personality, but he also possesses a certain confidence and talent for words that makes his presence magnetic. It's common to see him surrounded with friends and lovers alike, and is even known around Hogwarts as something of a playboy.

Oliver also possesses an adventurous spirit and is certainly not faint of heart in spite of his dramatic antics. He has the innocent curiosity of a child, though this curiosity mostly has to do with travel. He wants to see all there is to see, most of all hoping to one day witness the sunrise with his very own eyes.

Seventeen years ago, Oliver's father fell in love with a mortal girl. She was beautiful, probably the most beautiful woman the man had ever laid eyes on. He worshiped her endlessly and kissed the ground at her feet. But the girl did not love him.

For the longest time, he was blind to the cold hard truth. Until one day, the girl married another man.

Darkness seemed to take him then. In his rage, he took the girl for himself that very night, while the entire town burned at his feet. He got what he wanted and eventually had a child with the girl, but with each passing day she grew noticeably thin and pale. The flower he had plucked from the lush garden was starting to wilt.

When the baby was born, the girl he used to love was no more. With a heavy heart, he left her there, skin cold and white, eyes dead and unseeing. To another town he traveled. There, he started life anew with his only son.

For the greater part of his childhood, Oliver was bound to his home. The doors to the outside world were always closed to him, because his father feared of what might happen to him otherwise. They only went out in the dead of night and even then, it was only to quench their terrible thirst. Otherwise, they locked themselves in. Day in and day out.

When the town began to suspect something strange in their neighborhood, the two ventured to faraway lands again. This time they happened upon a small community of vampires and easily befriended the people there. It was a nice change in environment. Happily, another vampire family had a kid Oliver's age. He and Elizabeth were encouraged to play with each other, though within the first few encounters the two decided they did not like each other very much.

It wasn't until a fateful encounter that everything changed between them. A girl from their neighborhood was being bullied by a gang of children, due to suspicions of her being a vampire. By a stroke of luck, Oliver and Elizabeth managed to save her. Yet the memory of it remained ingrained in their minds and until now, the trauma of the experience has never quite left Oliver.

Since then, the three have been inseparable. The beginnings of a bond began to form between them that day, for it was then that they realized how important it was to stick with their own kind and to have each other's back. The world was cruel enough not to see that they had their own place in this world too, and they had to band together and fight to keep it. After all, no one else would do it for them.

Sanguine Faust (Childhood Friend, Lover) - TBA
Elizabeth Hawthorne (Childhood Friend, Lover) - TBA

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I can switch back and forth between passive and aggressive play style. I used to be really aggressive, but these days I'm really tired most the time or busy. I just don't have the energy to be as aggressive these days, so I like finding partners who I can lean on for creative input when I can't provide.
Favorite Genres
I don't have a favorite genre. I can role-play under any genre and I enjoy doing so. Though, I tend to stray more towards Fantasy, Modern, Scifi, Drama, Magical, Supernatural, and Romance (Yaoi/Hetero/Yuri).
Genre You DON'T Like
My least favorites are horror, historical, and western.
Bring Me The Horizon - Drown
"The woods are lovely, dark, and deep; but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep."

>General< >Persona< >Looks< >Relation< >About<

  • Character Name: Wallace B. Campbell
    Nicknames: Wallie
    Preference: Wallace or Wallie
    Titles: Prefect
    Species: Half-Blood
    Sex: Male
    Age: Sixteen
    Birthday: October 16th
    Zodiac Sign: Libra
    Gemstone: Opal, Tourmaline
    Birth Flower: Marigold and Cosmos

    House: Slytherin, 6th year

    • Slug Club
    • Chess Club (Vice President)
    • Book Club (President)
    • Orchestra

    • Study of Ancient Runes
    • Apparition
    • Alchemy

    Wand: Wallace's wand is made of Dogwood with two dragon heart strings as the wand's core. It is 9 and a half inches long, and slightly sturdy.

    Companion: Raven named Polemos. Wallace found Polemos when he was just a baby. It had been injured some how, and Effie didn't want to leave it to die. Unable to refuse his sister's wishes he carried the bird home, letting it caw, scratch, and nip his arms and hands until his sister finished making a make shift nest for him in one of his mom's empty bird cages. From there he and Effie took turns taking care of it, but it seemed to have developed a fondness for Wallace most. Unfortunately the bird has a nasty temperament and doesn't like strangers. He is easily provoked and will attack others if prodded. Out of everyone the bird hates his father the most to the point the man is fearful of it, and Wallace affectionately named the Raven after the Greek Daemon Polemus, whom is the physical embodiment of war. Wallace thought the name was fitting. Since then the two have been in seperable, and his family filed special paper work to have Polemos at Hogwarts. He is a registered support animal for Wallie and Effie.

    Boggart: Wallace fears Failure the most, which is kind of an objective subject. The Boggart could try to take on various forms to convey this fear.

    Patronus: The Barn Owl
  • Personality: Wallace is a very complex young man with a whole lotta issues. Being from a pureblood family whom uphold a lot of influence over magical society he was raised to look and act a certain way for the sake of his family. Don't misbehave, don't do this, don't do that, and the constant coldness he received from the man whom he thought was his father forced Wallace into a shell that he has a hard time breaking out of. He would rather put on a facade then really let others know what's going on, because he's under the impression that either he would hurt someone or no one would care about him either way. He's been abused and let down so often that he feels like he can only rely on himself, and in that frame of mind he has become quite aloof, unfriendly, and insensitive. Vary rarely does he crack a smile anymore, at least in public. In familiar settings with people he trusts he is a bit more loose and seems to genuinely care and worry for others. He likes to be helpful, occasionally offering to tutor those he's grown fond of.

    Positive: Ambitious, Generous, Reliable, Intelligent, Humble

    Neutral: Independent, Cunning, Sarcastic, Playful, Skeptical

    Negative: Manipulative, Insensitive, Aloof, Morbid, Moody, Insecure


    Likes: Reading, Writing, Poetry, Chess, Coffee, Birds


    Fears: Failure

    Mental Ailments: Suffers from high functioning depression, intrusive thoughts, and suicidal tendencies. Suffers with an inferiority complex.

  • Wallace stands at five feet and eight inches tall, and has quite the muscular build. He's got very broad shoulders, and his leg / torso ratio is evenly proportionate as well. He rarely smiles anymore, often plagued by the typical resting bitch face. Due to this he isn't very friendly looking, and most who don't know him have the tendancy to be intimidated by him. There are girls who've misjudged him as the "bad boy" type, but in reality he's just a nerd loser with a bad boy's body. His shoe size is an 11, and he has very thick sturdy hands. His face is actually pretty round, and it's the only thing that makes him appear youthful rather than some cut-throat baddie or die hard model like Davi or some of the other boys at Hogwarts. Though he has a strong chin if that means anything. Some of the things about his appearance that makes him stand out is that he has vibrant and bright light blue eyes, traditional flaming red hair to contrast those eyes, and two massive scars on either side of his face. His lips are not exactly symmetrical as his bottom lip is fuller than his upper, but at least there's something there to kiss right?

    Wallace prefers to wear long sleeves at all times of the year, and tends to dress on the more practical and comfortable side than stand out in any kind of lavish clothing. Cotton shirts, pull on or button up, vests, slacks, cotton sweaters, collared shirts are some of his favorite things to wear, along side his school robes. At most he will accesorize with cuff links if the shirt he is wearing even offers such a luxury. On special occassions like parties or formal events he will put more effort into dressing up, often sporting blazers over top a pristine collared shirt, and suit pants to match the blazers. On general Wallace is always wearing fancy looking shoes. Its the only things he has that were really worth much, and more often than not they were gifts from his mother. His father has messed them up on occassion if Wallace makes him angry enough, sometimes going so far as to throw them out. These days he leaves them at Hogwarts during breaks to avoid them going "missing". Wallace has the tendency to wear a watch on his right wrist often.

    Physical Ailments: He has a stigmatizim in his right eye from being horrendously hexed in his third year. He has glasses that he will wear during classes, or when he is studying. He doesn't like to wear them at parties or social gatherings. He fucked up his leg during flying lessons his first year, and since then refuses to take sports. There are times where his knee will ache, and he has to sit down and let his leg rest.

  • Bruce Campbell

    Lindsey Campbell

    Kenneth Campbell
    Eldest brother

    Effie Campbell
    Younger Sister

    Rhona Campebll

    Ian Monroe

    Edna Monroe

    Marcus Monroe
    Distant Uncle and thief.

    Cecilia Monroe
    Distant Aunt and thief.

    Erik Monroe
    Distant Cousin and would be murder victim.

    Wallace's primary care taker or personal butler.

    Alistair Blackbourne
    Wallace's relationship with Alistair is complicated at best. He became bitter when Alistair did not reciprocate Wallace's friendly gestures, acting as if the the time they had spent together as children didn't mean anything. Wallace didn't take it very well, and there's a slight resentment there that Wallace has troubles moving on from. In other ways Wallace has nothing but respect for Alistair, and aspires to be just like him. In his mind if they can't be friends, then they can sure as hell be rivals. At the end of the day though, Wallace just misses being Alistair's friend and is just hurt they can't regard themselves as such anymore.

    "Rosa" Valentine
    An incredibly close friend of Wallace's, though she would not admit to it. Rosa saved Wallace's life in their fourth year, and since then the two have been a lot closer. He feels eternally indebted and grateful to her, and hates that she's been roped into the bullshit that is the newspaper club. He wants only the best for her, and often acts a source of self-reflection and meaningful conversation. He hopes to spend more time with her before she graduates.

    Rory Thomson AKA "The Fucking Coward" or "The Red Headed Demon"
    Wallace is full of contempt when it comes to Rory due to Rory literally leaving him at the mercy of some ruffians. The event has left a sour taste in Wallace's mouth, and until Rory fucking man's up he hopes the dude gets what's coming to him. If he wasn't so pressured into being an upstanding student Wallace would have fucked Rory up a LONG time ago. Sometimes he wonders if the knob even regrets what he did or feels some semblance of guilt whenever he sees the scars on his face. He'd probably be a lot nicer to Rory if the dude actually apologized for what had happened. All Wallace can say is the dude better stay the fuck away from his sister if he knows what's good for him.

    Lennon Brown
    One of Wallace's very few friends. While they're not exactly close, they do share a lot of time together during Chess Club. Since Wallace is the Vice President of Chess Club, he has to work closely along side Lennon to ensure that the club is going smoothly. Normally by coming up with events, planning meetings, and other things. Wallace isn't sure if the both of them have much in common outside of chess though, and has been meaning to ask him what some of his other hobbies are.

  • At some point or other in their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Campbell were struggling romantically. The two fought often, and couldn't find any solace in each other. Her husband had become distant, and this created a void that Lindsey was having a hard time filling. She craved affection, and eventually she caved into her desires and began seeing another man in secret. Packing a to go bag she left the islands to stay with a friend in London. While away she found a small job at a bar and grill as a bartender. Her witty and zany personality bringing her several frequent customers, but of course her amazing cocktails helped with that too. She kept her ring on for quite sometime, just the attention she got from desperate strangers was enough to satiate her need for affection. She still loved Bruce after all, and did not want to make the situation worse by cheating on them. Eventually weeks turned into months, and she hadn't heard any word from her husband. Feeling unwanted, dejected, and lonely she stopped wearing her wedding ring and began seeing other men. It was during this time that Lindsey started spending time with one of her regulars, a school teacher who came every friday with his colleagues to let loose after a long week. They were quickly smitten with each other, and not soon after that bloomed into passionate evenings together. Alas, it didn't last. The guilt slowly crept up over time, and Lindsey decided to put an end to their affair before it got out of control.

    By the sixth month she had returned back to the apartment and found Bruce waiting there for her, looking remorseful and full of regret. The two had a long discussion that night, and decided to go to marriage counseling. Though rocky waters were ahead. Not shortly after Lindsey missed her period, and confirmed her pregnancy with a swift pregnancy test. It was obvious that the baby was not her husbands with how far along she was, and Bruce did not want a bastard child living under his roof. Never the less, Lindsey remained diligent and stood her ground. She was not getting rid of her baby, so either her husband had to learn to cope or she would file for divorce and take the children with her. Eventually Wallace was born before they could come to an agreement, but by that point Bruce had grown indifferent regarding the child. He was not there during the birth. Thus Wallace had come into the world screaming and all. Over time his parents settled their differences but Wallace would remain a touchy subject for them, and his father was very keen on showing Wallace that he was not welcome in their home in more ways than one. Wallace grew up along side his littler sister Effie, whom was born only three years after him. There was never a moment where the two were apart for too long, and they both got along incredibly well. Wallace soon enough becoming overly protective of his baby sister as they got older together. Wallace's early childhood is full of wonderous memories of playing with Elise, Ali, Ken, and Effie, and spending time with his mother. He was too young to really notice the lack of his father's presence, but it would be something that would come to bother him in the later years of his childhood. He began to notice things that bothered him, for example he was never allowed to eat with the rest of the family. He didn't get lavish gifts from their father. He was often ignored. It was almost as if his father was pretending he wasn't there. It wasn't until he over heard his parents arguing about him did he realize what was going on. The shock of discovering he wasn't really a campbell left him frozen in place, and the man whom he assumed was his father nearly tripped over him as he stormed out of the room. He still quite vividly remembers the look of disgust on the man's face and how being called "a fucking disgrace" left him feeling hallow inside. A little more than usually.

    It wasn't much longer after this incident that Wallace finally started schooling at Hogwarts along side his older brother Kenneth. His first year held quite the surprise for him, as it was the first time he had seen his childhood friend Alistair in a very long time. Wallace thought that the reunion would be a pleasant one, that he would at least have a friend to help him adjust to life at Hogwarts. The dark haired boy had changed though, and did not have the same feeling of familiarity that Wallace was hoping for. Alistair's cold deposition towards him left Wallace feeling bitter, and it didn't help that Alistair was just better than him at pretty much everything. A nasty rivalry developed between the two, and that in addition to his father constantly belittling him fueled Wallace's inferiority complex. Due to that it pushed Wallace to extremes in order to stand on equel footing as the older slytherin boy, so much so that he was willing to do anything to get there. Wallace in some occasions would trade secrets with Rosa at the time, and the both of them would use each other to really level the playing field. He'd give Rosa some info to help her out, and then she'd do the same for him. At first it started out with the two just simply blackmailing the other, but over time they developed a mutual respect for each other, and this kinship helped the both of them during their first few years at Hogwarts. His third year was particularly bad for Wallace, as during he had decided to aim for becoming a prefect. He thought going out of his way to help other students would land him the spot he desired, and while it worked it also landed him in some hot water. He had liked Rory during those first few years, so when he happened across a few miscreants bullying the Ravenclaw boy Wallace decided to intervene. Unfortunately, when he had distracted them Rory fled the scene leaving Wallace to fend for himself against the older wizards. Both of them pinned Wallace to the castle's wall and had fun hexing him repeatedly, before one of them decided it would be fun to use a dangerous spell on him that caused deep lacerations. When they realized they had gone to far they abandoned Wallace and left him to bleed out on the castle's floor. Had the school's staff not have found him, he would have ended up in worse shape. He was flooed to St.Mungos immediately where the doctors used advanced healing magic to heal his wounds. His mother was absolutely infuriated by the turn of events, her boy permenantly scarred by the assault, and she stormed into Dumbledor's office and demanded that her son's attackers were expelled from the school. He complied with her wishes, and the boys were found and immediately removed from the grounds. It took Wallace weeks of pleading to even convience his mother to not press charges. After about a month of bed rest, Wallace returned to Hogwarts and continued his efforts at becoming a prefect. His hard work eventually rewarding him the position in his fifth year. Now in his sixth year he hopes to do well enough to become the next Head Boy when Alistair finally graduates.

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I can switch back and forth between passive and aggressive play style. I used to be really aggressive, but these days I'm really tired most the time or busy. I just don't have the energy to be as aggressive these days, so I like finding partners who I can lean on for creative input when I can't provide.
Favorite Genres
I don't have a favorite genre. I can role-play under any genre and I enjoy doing so. Though, I tend to stray more towards Fantasy, Modern, Scifi, Drama, Magical, Supernatural, and Romance (Yaoi/Hetero/Yuri).
Genre You DON'T Like
My least favorites are horror, historical, and western.
RHCP - Dark Necessities
"Be brave, the day is ready for you."

>General< >Persona< >Looks< >Relation< >About<

  • Character Name: Davi H. Cardoza
    Preference: Davi
    Species: Half-Blood
    Sex: Male
    Age: Seventeen
    Birthday: December 10th, 1959
    Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
    Gemstone: Tanzanite, Zircon, Turquoise
    Birthflower: Narcissus and Holly

    House: Gryffindor, Seventh Year

    • Dueller’s Society
    • Potions Club
    • Charms Club
    • Quidditch Team

    • Ghoul Studies
    • Advanced Potions

    Wand: Davi’s wand is made of Hemlock wood with a Chimera Scale and Dragon Heart String Core. It’s springy and is nine inches in length. The wand used to belong to his mother.

    Companion: Davi has a Black Bombay Cat named Babs. He likes to sneak her scraps from the Great Hall whenever he can. She seems to be gaining weight, and Davi is currently fretting over it.

    Boggart: Clowns. He hates them.

    Patronus: A Black Bear
  • Personality: Davi is a passionate young man with a fire inside his soul that would never go out. He is determined to the point of being stubborn, and honestly just doesn’t like giving up on anything or anyone. That is if you’ve actually managed to gain his favor. Davi due to his insecurities tends to have a bit of a mean streak, and has the tendency of taking out his frustrations on others to make him feel better about himself. His primary targets being those who are typically unable to defend themselves, or people he envies in some way. Due to recent events in his life, the Gryffindor boy has become dejected and his aggressive disposition has dwindled considerably. Unfortunately for him, people are not so quick to forgive and forget, and he has found himself feeling isolated and even lonely. Still he continues to be the brave Gryffindor he is, and puts in the effort to atone for being a source of toxicity among the student body. Those who decide to give Davi a second chance will find that he’s a pretty goofy, playful kid with a love of adventure, and a very loyal friend to have.


    Likes: Santana (the band), Elton John, Queen, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, AC/DC, Guitar, Music, Potions, Cooking, Food, Flying


    Fears: Davi has an irrational fear of Clowns.
  • Davi is one of the tallest students in his class, standing at 6'1 tall, and with that comes a certain appeal. He's also very well built naturally, with features most would find attractive. He's princely looking, but there's this certain way he carries himself that gives him a lot of sex appeal. To be as simple as possible, he is the living personification of the saying "Tall, Dark, and Handsome". Unfortunately for him, it also brings the attention of a lot of girls and with that the jealousy of a lot of boys whom he is actually interested in. Davi is a dark skinned multi-racial, multi-lingual young boy with strong definite features in stature and in his features. He's got a strong jaw and nose, and smokey eyes that are colored a dusty blue much like the early morning sky. Tanned blemish free skin, broad shoulders, and muscles galore. Dark locks that are soft to the touch, and seemingly styled to perfection. There's no denying that the boy takes care of his appearance, as it's something he prides himself in.

    Davi outside of school hours tends to done clothing that are stylish and work well with his image. Opting to take more of a bad boy or rebel kind of appearance than anything else. He likes the look of leather jackets, and has several, but he also understands the appeal of a jersey jacket. He especially had one custom made for his house, and wears it during Qudditch events he isn't participating in. Depending on the look he is going for he might adopt punk leanings and wear plaid pants with a chain loop and doc marten boots, or jeans with kicks. He accesorizes with earrings, but they're usually just studs.

  • Father





  • Davi was the love child born between a immigrant portugal woman and a British military man. It started, much like any other relationship, with the two of them meeting by happen stance. His mother was new to the country, her parents first generation immigrants, and had just been enrolled in the educational system. His father at the time was already a popular student with in their school's CCF, and very involved with their school's activities. While his mother was the "strange new girl who couldn't speak clearly". Davi's parents first met in a shared English class, something that his mother was struggling horrendously with to the point that she had to be tutored. Feeling sorry for her, his father decided to help her with her studies. This is how their friendship grew, and even after they graduated they had kept in touch. It didn't take long for them to fall in love, and not to shortly after his father joined the military was Davi born.

    By this point in time, his father had already came out to his mother as being a half-blood muggle so they were fully prepared to have their handsful with their new bundle of joy. Still his father was gone for great lengths of time, and his mother was left with no one but her in laws to help her with her magical child. Never the less, Davi was blessed with an unyielding love from all of his family no matter how crazy things seemed to have gotten. However, after an incident with the neighbor's dog the family decided it would be best to move out to a more rural location, where Davi could use his magic more freely with out causing damage to someone else's property. Sure this made things a little difficult on the family, but in doing this Davi grew up feeling extremely comfortable with the use of his magic. Although, there were still a few incidents that were hard to talk away while he was still attending primary school. Due to this he had a hard time making friends with other children his age, and that made him a little awkward around others. He felt misunderstood and out of place, and this was a great source of unhappiness as a child. He was lonely.

    All of this changed for the better when Davi finally got his letter to the esteemed hogwarts at the age of 13. His experiences at Hogwarts have been entirely life-changing for him, and in his first few years the boy quickly came out of his shell and made several friends. It wasn't until he realized that he liked men did things start to spiral out of control for Davi. Living in a time where being gay was a criminal offense brought a large amount of stress on him. He was constantly having to hide a part from him, and suffering in silence as he developed crushes on others he couldn't have. Fearful that if it were to be discovered he would very well loose his life in a lynching. He couldn't even tell his parents, both of whom had been raised with such traditional values. Yet he couldn't deny his heart what it wanted, and eventually did find love with another boy his age during his fifth year. This was the hardest year of his life, because not only did his father find out about his inclinations, but his mother died from a terrible respiratory disease. Since then the unconditional love and support he recieved from all his family vanished, and he became a disgrace in their eyes. Due to the death of his mother and change in familial bonds, Davi and his father moved back to the city with his younger sister where the three of them lived as a dysfunctional family. His father was forced to retire from the millitary to take care of Davi's younger sister while Davi was still attending Hogwarts. This past christmas break him and his father had a huge falling out that ended up getting physical, in which Davi was hospitalized. When Dumbledore finally intervened, Davi thought the man an angel, and immediately the child was taken out of the father's care. Now he lives at Henry’s during breaks until graduation, but after that he will have to make it on his own. Lonely and misunderstood once again.

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Jasper Grey
Seventh Year, Gryffindor
Jasper was similar to his sister in many aspects. Boisterous and a bit of a troublemaker. However, unlike his sister, he was harder to catch. His serious personality at times threw people of. A side of his mother he'd gotten, as well as her tendency for seriousness. He was also quite competitive, which became very clear whenever he played Quidditch or other sports, even with his sister.

His extremely loyal to his family and close friends, such loyalty also leads him to do anything he can to protect them. It can be extremely off putting to some who don't know him. He can be quite stubborn at times, which can get him into more trouble or even into unnecessary blues.

Jasper is a bit of a book worm as well as a competitive athlete. If his not found doing so form of sport he can be found reading in the library or pulling pranks and joking around with his friends and twin sister.

Jasper was born into a loving family of four. His mother, a famous Australian Quidditch player and his father also a history for sport, he was a player on the Adelaide football team. Lastly, there was his twin sister, Cyrus Grey, his partner in crime from the moment they could walk.

For most of his young life -thanks to the sacrifices and thoughtfulness of his parents. He and his twin were raised with their magic and all the freedom they could wish for.

Choosing to go to Hogwarts, an entirely different country to that of their home to start their education was a big step for both him and his sister, but a welcomed one at that. Of course the both of them were immediately sorted into Griffindor, Jasper just second behind his sister. He quickly learned that: Charms, Herbology and flying, came quite naturally to him. He does still enjoy studding more subjects, such as Dragon Studies and History of magic. While he was alright at Transfiguration, he'd never quite gotten to the same level his sister had. Though he preferred to enjoy learning what he could from all his classes instead of perfecting all.

Jasper became quick friends with a Ravenclaw student by the name of Ivar Ragnulf. The poor fellow getting dragging into all the twins troublesome ways.

Cyrus Grey - TBA

Phaedra Grey (nee. Thornheart) - TBA

James Grey - TBA

Joan Lambert - TBA (his sister's friend and roommate)

Ivar Ragnulf - TBA

Jasper took after his father in the aspects of his appearance. Like that of his tall athletic build. While his colouring was mostly from his mothers side. Thick, brown hair, lightened with a few natural highlights that still left it a few shades darker then that of his sister and mother.

His light grey-blue eyes also came from his mothers side of the family, the shade easily shifting between a light grey-blue shade to a dark grey that resembled those of a thunderstorm.

Much like his sister, Jasper isn't overly worried about how he looks and dresses for comfort; in jeans and a comfortable button up or simple T-shirt. He prefers to wear his bush shoes from home, a pair of comfortable boots, he could wear just about anywhere. While leaving his hair however it is that day, usually by the end it was a dishevelled mess from all the times his fingers had raked through the thick strands.

  • Gryffindor Quidditch Team - Keeper
  • Book Club - Member
  • Chess Club - Member

Birth Name:
Jasper Edwin Grey
Half-blood, Wizard
Western Australian
12" Sturdy, Eucalyptus with a Billywig Stringer core. Australian crafted wand. Core extracted from the extact same Billywig as his sister's wand.
Wolf — A common patronus in the Gryffindor house, those with the Wolf have a big heart although do have a darker side. This darker side manifests itself in occasional pessimism. Those with this patronus also have a mysterious atmosphere about them and strong instincts to fight for what’s right. Source


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Ashe - Hello, How Are You (Cover)

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>General< >Persona< >Looks< >Relation< >About< >Notes<

  • Character Name: Ren Takahara Pearce
    Preference: Ren
    Species: Muggle Born Wizard
    Race: British Japanese
    Nationality: United Kingdom
    Sex: Male
    Age: Seventeen
    Birthday: April 23rd, 1958
    Zodiac Sign: Taurus and Dog
    Birthstone: Diamond
    Birthflower: Daisy and Sweet Pea
    Sexual Orientation: Demisexual Panromantic

    House: Ravenclaw - 6th year

    • Book Club
    • Frog Choir
    • Art Club

    • Divination
    • Ancient Studies

    Wand: Ren will eventually have three wands. His current wand is a sycamore with a unicorn hair core, is slightly sturdy, and 11 and a half inches long. His second wand will be of cedar wood with a phoenix feather core, is inflexible, and 12 and three fourths in length. His third wand will be made of wood from a cherry tree with a dragon heartstrings core, is flexible, and is 9 and a half inches in length.

    Companion: Ren is one of the few students at hogwarts with a dog as a companion. His dog is a German Shepard and a specially trained visual assistance dog. Ren makes it a point to tell people not to pet or distract his dog as it needs to be alert for his safety at all times. He'll occassionally make an exception with people he considers trustworthy friends, as his dog needs to know who specifically to look for if he were to ever be injured.

    Boggart: Ren fears freezing to death, getting lost, and cars. His Boggart could take the shape of a car with the horn blaring or it will be him in the snow calling for help.

    Patronus: Dragonfly. The dragonfly is steeped in illusionary magic. The abilities to create a strong, almost “hypnotic” outer shell for the world, see beneath your own illusion and those of others, and gain strong mental clarity are common traits of the dragonfly. It is also a messenger, carrying with it messages from the past, far distances, and the spiritual realm. Dragonflies are representative of what it means to be light, reflective, and full of joy – in all senses of the words.

    Animagus: Siberian Cat. He is all black. His distinguishing mark is his glassy eyes hinting at his cataracts.
  • Personality: Ever since he was a child Ren has had a very considerate and kindly personality. As a child he was a bit more open with others, but that changed as he got older. He realized that there were things about himself that people would use to alienate him, so he developed the tendency to keep to himself a little. It's not so much that he isn't out-going or insecure, but just a little guarded on what he tells people. He also doesn't want to have to go through the pains of loosing a close friend because of his special gift, as he can't help himself from trying to warn them about unsightly future events. He wants nothing but the best for those he cares about, and doesn't like seeing people in lain. He is very faithful to his friends and tries to be as considerate as possible with others. He feels like if people are so considerate to his special needs then the least he could do is pay it forward whenever he can Unfortunately he is not so brazen that he will automatically stick his neck out for others. He dislikes conflict and tends to be cautious when faced with difficult situations. He would rather observe and think rather than act blindly. Ren while he has a penchant for being lazy, he is incredibly intelligent and well disciplined. He might procrastinate from time to time but others can rely on him to get the task done....that is of course if he remembers about it. Luckily for him he is usually assigned a student aid that will remind him of his studies, and Victor has the tendency to do so as well. Though Ren isn't with out his more apparent faults. He is often excessively faithful in someone and will blindly believe in what they say. He's also evasive, often day-dreaming or reading to escape from real world struggles.

    Positive: Faithful, Considerate, Grateful, Brave, Disciplined, Reliable, Sensible, Easy-going

    Neutral: Meticulous, Stubborn, Worrier, Maternal, Effeminate, Curious, Private, Quiet

    Negative: Shy in love, Easily Embarrassed, Loyal to a fault, Childish, Lazy, Evasive, Forgetful, Clumsy, Cautious

    Quirks: He always has to be color coordinated in dress, wears glasses even though they serve no practical use, constantly asking to feel people's faces with his hands or to play with their hair, never seen with his hair down, carries chewing gum on him at all times, he is severely ticklish and want's no one to know, he has really good senses, he can't swim, he attends quidditch matches to support his house even though he cant actually witness the games, and he often wears concealing clothes.

    Likes: Fashion, interactive art, interactive activities, music, animals, food, gum, clothes, soft fabrics, the sound of rain, soft fluffy hair, playing with hair, brushing hair or having his hair brushed, being read to, spring, various teas, being sung too, singing, finger painting,

    Dislikes: Large bodies of water, cars, motorized transportation, car alarms, horns, swimming, the cold, winter,

    Fears: Getting lost, freezing to death, motorized vehicles (cars), swimming or being trapped out on water.

  • content here

  • Mother - Carolyn Takahara - deceased

    Father - Ken-ichi Takahara - deceased

    Mom - Gwendolyn Pearce: Ren and his mother are two peas in a pod. She's his best friend, and he doesn't feel scared to be open and honest with her. Ever since she and Vic adopted him Ren's clung to her side. She raised him to be broad-minded and creative, while Vic taught him the importance of being disciplined and reliable. If there is one issue he has with his mother it would be that she has the tendency to baby him. Sometimes he likes it, but there are ways that have made it a little annoying.

    Dad - Victor Pearce: Ren adores Victor much like he does Gwendolyn, but sometimes he feels a little insecure around him. He feels like he isn't meeting some of Victor's expectations and worries about embarrassing him due to some of his inclinations and hobbies. Victor want's him to take over their family business after Hogwarts, but Ren is very disinterested. The two have had troubles seeing eye to eye as he has become older, and it makes Ren upset. He just want's Victor to be proud of him, but Ren can't force himself to do things he doesn't like. They already have a hard time bonding due to a lack of common interests, and Ren's extra "abilities" do seem to make his dad uncomfortable.

    Davi - Ren and Davi started dating around their fourth year together, and in secret. Ren wasn't comfortable with keeping their relationship a secret, but complied with Davi's wishes due to certian socital standards. He also knew that Davi's father was a stern military man, and that his family upheld really traditional values. He didn't want to cause Davi stress, but in the end his family found out anyways and it seemed like keeping it a secret only made things worse. It put a lot of strain on both his relationship with Davi, and how his family viewed him. Ren didn't like having a hand in causing Davi unnecessary issues, and broke up with him over it. Ren still wonders if it was the right decision.

    Leo -

  • Ren was born on a warm, breezy April day to two muggles living in London. An immigrant man from Japan and his British wife. His biological father had moved to London on a scholarship where he met Carolyn, Ren’s mother. After falling in love the two dated before finally getting married when they finished their schooling. He became a reputable banker and she a professor at the very same university. Both of them were ecstatic when she was confirmed pregnant, but it wasn't with out complications. His mother having several health scares during before finally giving birth to Ren. Immediately the doctors knew that there was something wrong, as Ren’s eyes were glassy looking. He had been born with cataracts, and would be blind his whole life. Fortunately his parents were up to the task....at first. Unknown to them at the time was that Ren was a very special child. Although it became clearer as Ren got older.

    Ren’s first magical experience happened when he was just a toddler, while in a fuss he had accidentally transfigured his neighbors dog into a stuffed animal. Much to their horror, and Ren’s joy. This is when they knew for certain that Ren was a Wizard and could do magic. They were offered to have Ren places under the care of a sort of magical tutor but his parents wanted Ren to experience what it was like to live as a muggle. As such he attended muggle schooling, and the three of them worked together, with some magical aids every now and then, to prepare Ren for his time at hogwarts. For the most part Ren’s classmates were totally enamored by his abilities, but also saddened that he couldn't quite show them due to the lack of a wand. Until then he had to keep his emotions in check to keep accidents from happening. Still to say his school life was totally easy would be a lie. There were always a kid or two that would call him names, and due to being blind he was quite the easy target. Fortunately for him he was always assigned a student aid to protect him from such ill will as well as help him with his class assignments and studies.

    Things got a bit more precarious when he entered secondary education as the students were not as pleasant. It was a strange time for all of them, and it was also around this time that Ren began to see things in a different way. At first they started has incoherent blips, just flashes of imagery or noises in his mind. Normally occurring after having touched a school-mate. Sometimes these visions were nauseating, and would cause sensory overload. Usually resulting in Ren falling terribly ill and having to stay in the nurses office or go home. However it was the only way Ren could see the world around him, and he became addicted to them. The constant practice only honed his skill, and the visions became more concrete with time. Soon enough he could have nearly accurate interpretations of the future, all of them recorded on paper in the form of a drawing. Though with this new ability cane hardships He was constantly getting sick from them, but when he didn't practice he often had withdrawals. His school mates were terrified to go near him, and he had lost a lot of friends over it. Even his own parents were cautious to touch him, and it made him feel unloved and alien to the world. His parents started to enforcing a certain type of dress to minimize the amount of skin contact he could have with them, and it only further made him miserable. Though he wonders to this day if things would have been different had he saw what would happen next.

    When he was around eleven years of age his parents were taking him home from a birthday party in the winter. The snow was dreadful, and the winds dangerous. As they were passing a green light out on the open road an oncoming car hit a patch of black ice and collided with their car. Ren doesn't remember exactly what happened, just the sound of the car horn blaring as he pulled himself out of the car. The amount of pain he was in and how the cold snow seemed to numb the pain. He wasn't sure how long he had been out in the blizzard before finally being found by a recently married couple on their honeymoon. They rescued him from the cold and called for help immediately but by the time an ambulance had arrived his father and the other driver had passed away. His mother’s heart eventually giving out just as she arrived at the hospital. Though Ren did not learn of this until waking up in the hospital three days later. He swore he could hear a woman singing to him as he came too, and it had lulled him into a sense of security. He thought it was his mother though in a way it still was. This is how he met Gwendolyn and Victor, the two newly weds who were the first bystanders to come across the car accident. The woman, Gwen, so heartbroken over the event refused to leave his side in the hopes that there was something she could do. They had already agreed to pay for his medical expenses, though at the time Ren was really ungrateful. Not because he was an ungrateful child but because of the trauma he had experienced. As far as he was concerned they should have left him to die in the snow. He wished that they did. Though despite his nasty temperament Gwen and Victor still came to visit him. Gwen often taking the time to read or sing to him, while victor tended to business calls. Eventually he grew attached to the woman, and as the weeks passed he started feeling at least a little better. When he was finally able to be released from the hospital Ren was to be placed into special care for orphaned wizards but Gwen and Victor asked to adopt him. Their kindness still makes him cry to this day.

    After all the process work Ren was officially no longer a Takahara, but a Pearce. The transition seemed almost like a dream to him. He came from a fairly decent background but he had never even stepped foot in a mansion before. Unfortunately there were some problems with his new family, his new grandparents on Victors side were not particularly keen on a mud-blood grandchild, and it's been a source of strife with in his new family for years now. Ren had never lived in the wizarding world so he had been shielded from all the blood purists commonly found in pure blood families. On top of that he was heavily influenced by Gwen as he grew older. He adopted very feminine interests and traits that were not widely accepted in men. Often some what wrongly accused of being a homosexual (not that he didn't also enjoy the company of men) by outsiders, and bullied for it. Especially while at Hogwarts. Fortunately for him Victor has the tendency of being extremely intimidating to the student body, and this has kept most of Ren’s bullies at bay.

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Age | Eighteen
  Species | Half-blood
  House | Ravenclaw
  Year | Seven
  Patronus | King Cobra

Electives | Care of Magical Creatures | Healing | Dragon Studies | Alchemy

Clubs | Leader of the Magical Creatures Club | Co-Captain of Ravenclaw's Dueler's Society | Slug Club

Tasha is the young apprentice of James K. Crowley - a renown wizarding naturalist. His fame accounts his eccentricity and brilliance, as well as his compassionate soul. He had inspired young Tasha with heart and color, introducing him to new worlds.

Tasha is an idealist with stars for eyes. He fancies the romance of chasing worldly wonders and spoils himself in his own indulgent behavior. His social awareness and lack of concern for judgement allows him to live honestly and without restraint. The ability to feel and understand emotion grounds him. He values purpose, adding meaning to his everyday interactions and color to his black and white world.

As a child, Tasha had a nasty - set the cat on fire and feel nothing - tendency. His apathy was concealed in the form of polite mannerisms and pretentiousness. As the son of an American politician, he knew exactly how to act and gain favor. However he was isolated as the only half-blood child in a pure-blood household of eight siblings. His lack of sympathy was chilling, and his upbringing had amplified his selfish entitlement. As his father gained higher political status, concealing his affair and half-blood child became an issue. It was settled that Tasha would live with his uncle Crowley - a magizoologist.

It was tough love bent out of shape for young Tasha. His wack job of an uncle took him on wild excursions filled with deranged beasts. Faced with danger - Tasha opted many times to file against his inadequate caretaker. He was frightened by Crowley's emotional intelligence, and Tasha soon learned to drop his useless facade.

At the age of 11, Tasha had spent 4 years with his uncle and adopted his fascination and love for magical creatures. Albeit, Tasha became an even more peculiar child than he was before, but his passions were strong and focused. With the letters he received from Ilvermorny and Hogwarts, he was inclined to reject both offers to continue studying under Crowley. However, with his uncle's encouragement, he chose the British school outside of his family's influence.

Unlike his Ravenclaw housemates, he hadn't possessed their academic ambition, and had below average grades. His genius was only relevant for matters that fascinated him. If something sparked his interest, he would become dangerously obsessed. In his feverish absorption, Tasha would forget food and sleep and indulge himself until he ultimately mastered his curiosity. Unfortunately, his bouts would often have nothing to do with his academic studies and hinder them.

He spends majority of his time at Hogwarts caring for magical creatures, and keeps to himself - content without recognition. However, as he progressively took on more roles of leadership, his brilliance had quickly gained attention and followers. In his fifth year, Tasha had been invited to the slug club, and though he tends to keep a low profile - he has the support of both peers and professors.


APPEARANCE: Tasha is considered a beautiful man. However, his attractive features are diminished by his slack and disheveled appearance. Locks of unkempt curls and heavily framed glasses hide his piercing eyes and take away the intensity of his gaze. Much to the dismay of his professors, he dresses like a slob - his attire often untucked and opened. He doesn’t mind if others can glimpse at the tattoos on his dark complexion – a runespoor along his left arm and twin dragons on his abdomen. He sports various rings on his fingers and has a collection of piercings on his ears. Having been raised in a prestigious household, Tasha is fully capable of dressing to please. On the limited occasions where he needs to butter up public attention, both Tasha’s appearance and demeanor become unrecognizable. In contrast to his everyday scruffiness, he becomes a smartly dressed gentleman. His slicked back hair, strong posture and intensity can be deceptively charming. Its complete bogus.

RELATIONSHIPS: TBA - (pls lets link up :3)


- Tasha continues to work with his uncle out of school, and has traveled many continents.
- His American accent is noticeable at Hogwarts.
- A strong duelist - relieves him of any pent up stress.
- Often in the forest - he smells of spruce and pine.
- Tasha has a cute little bowtruckle that protects his wand
- Oh, but isn't Tasha a girls name?: "Yeah, well I have something hanging between my legs, so that doesn't really apply now does it."
- He's got thick skin that he’s comfortable in - attempts to harass him have failed
- A snake patronus implies a witch or wizard is very indulgent when it comes to mannerisms, they can be very friendly and graceful when it comes to other people but can have a nasty bite if you piss them off.

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Ivar Ragnulf
Sixth Year, Ravenclaw
Ivar is often regarded as the quiet figure that lingers in the corner, he never really has much to say. Though, when he does he's never one to make others feel out of place or lonely. He's a kindred spirit with a heart of gold— an aspect he gets from his muggleborn mother.

At first impressions unforunately people tend to get the wrong idea of him and shy away. It's something that deeply saddens Ivar that he can't make strangers feel comfortable around him, but he is grateful that a few of his friends understand him and haven't made reservations about his appearance.

When friends with Ivar— he's rather charming and always open to advise. He's a bit of a counsellor type, and big brother.

Raised in a modest household by a single mother after an accident killed his father. Ivar was taught the basics of his magic heritage from a young muggle woman who had a squib in her family line— this woman was his mother. She was a loving and caring woman that loves all life around her. Ivar had ended up inheriting her love for all forms of life also, often helping her brew herbal remedies as a boy.

As a formal surprise, his mother had been working hard to play for Ivar to go to Hogwarts— where his father before him studied. On the day of his eleventh birthday was when the news came of his acceptance. He refused for a time terrified of the thought that his mother would be on her own. In end, his mother's wishes won his heart and he followed them to Hogwarts.

He was an awkward first year in the beginning due to his strong language barrier with other students. But, luck seemed to change for him when he met the Grey siblings. A bunch that taught him to embrace the personalities and aspects of him that he was scared of for a time. His group of friends slowly grew with them in time also— and he couldn't have been more grateful to his mother.

Each end of the year he'd take home a present from his journies to remind her of the effort he put in to meet her's and his late father's dream from him.

  • Cyrus Grey —
  • Jasper Grey —
  • Anastasia Fitzgerald —
  • Lauren Harrison —
  • Piper Ryeland —

Ivar was born with a rather different appearance, this was due to being born with Poliosis— a condition which means there's an absence or decrease in the melanin in someone's hair, eyebrows or eyelashes. Believed to have come from Ivar's late father who had the same condition. This condition has only affected the top half of his head, and the rest is a nice shade of raven.

Although the strong features gained from his father, Ivar actually inherited his eyes from his muggleborn mother. They're a shade of beautiful amber but are often mistaken as brown from a distance. His eyes are the softer side of his appearance often looking rather sad and withdrawn— this is largely because he's often left worrying about his mother who has no one left at home while he's away at school.

Ivar likes to dress pretty formally— and that's not because he wants to impress anyone, but he feels little more comfortable in the refined clothing. His mother a Muggle tailor often works long hours so he looks nice— so he happily wears the clothing with pride.

His appearance is completed with a number of piercings and by the end of his break from Hogwarts a tattoo that covers the right side of his nape. It is an ancient protective charm that his father had left for his son before his untimely death. Thus, Ivar Bjorn Ragnulf decided that with that he'd carry a piece of his late father with him forever.

  • Leader of Potions Club
  • Leader of Astronomy Club
  • Ravenclaw Quidditch Team — Seeker
  • Chess Club (Member)
  • Book Club (Member)

Birth Name:
Ivar Bjorn Ragnulf
Half-Blood, Wizard
Scandinavian - Marstrand, Sweden.
Thestral — The second most rare patronus, only an unusual individual could produce a thestral.

Thestral patronus can be seen by even those who have no been close to death. This is due to them being summoned by a Charm and under the control of a witch or wizard.

Those with the Thestral patronus are gentle at heart and kind to those around them.

Those with this patronus have an understanding nature and will often make others feel like they are on the same wavelength.
If this is your patronus you may find people around you open up to you with things they have told nobody else.

Having such a gentle nature does make people with the Thestral sometimes at risk of being pushed about, however it is uncommon for someone to feel negatively towards those who cast this patronus.

It is important to say that those with this patronus often have the most gentle souls of all.

This patronus is extremely rare and can be found in all houses but most common is Hufflepuff.

Genders You Prefer Playing
Favorite Genres
Fantasy, Modern, Magical, Horror
Genre You DON'T Like
Furry & scifi

>General< >Persona< >Looks< >Relationships< >About<

  • Character Name: Gwendolyn Sariel Pearce
    Nicknames: Gwen
    Species: Pureblood
    Sex: Female
    Age: 28
    Birthday: October 23rd
    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

    Occupation: Teacher at Hogwarts
    Class taught: Charms - sometimes covers Potion classes.
    Wand: Cedar wood, Dragon Heartstring, Pliant flexibility, 12.5 Inches
    Boggart: Spider or any type of insect
    Patronus: The Orca
    Orcas have big hearts, and those who express this animal are often incredibly giving in their mindset. Despite this, they are not very social creatures, in fact they are very shy, and not ones to like large crowds. They like to express themselves and how beautiful they truly are around specific individuals, and them only.. These people are often very attached to their families, especially parents or older siblings. They have a large array of emotions that they have extreme difficulty showing to anyone. The most common house for an orca patronus is Hufflepuff. The most common signs are Pisces and Cancer.

  • Personality:
    Gwendolyn has undoubtedly matured compared to how she was in her younger years. Where she was once nervous, clumsy, unconfident and often in a frazzled emotional state, Gwendolyn is now much calmer, more confident and collected. This has partly been due to maturing but she would easily claim that her confidence was partly due to her husband – Victor. Now Gwendolyn is far more likely to think before acting even if she is still someone who runs on emotions. As a teacher she is kind but strict – she has high expectations of her students and believes them all full of untapped potential.

    Gwendolyn is a naturally emotional person despite her calm – she often uses her calmness around students or in a professional context. Her feelings are often positive and are much stronger compared to any negative feelings such as hate. Her nature is naturally caring and motherly, protective even. This is a warmth that spreads to all her students and loved ones who she would protect without a thought. Her caring nature is why she is constantly watching out for others and observing them to make sure they are okay – the slightest evidence that one is not, and she will seek to do whatever to help them. Her morals here often get her into problems as she will involve herself in something she should not.

    Her optimism and creativity are traits that have not changed despite time. Still, to this day, Gwendolyn is a “glass half-full” type person and someone who loves and is creative. She will try see the good even in the darkest of times, even if continuing her positive attitude goes against how she really feels. In her perception, there is no point dwelling on the bad as it just drags you down and time is short. Gwendolyn loves creativity and promotes it where possible – both for its therapeutic angle and because she loves to see creativity in people and what they do. It is something she praises in others. It is a reason why more often than not; dried paint can often be found randomly upon her skin or her clothes where she hasn’t noticed.

    As a teacher, Gwendolyn often keeps her attitude professional and hides some of her flaws. Such as her tendency to be quite childish and competitive as they aren't traits she wants to strongly reflect in her students. However, when she is away from them, specifically when she is with her husband, these traits become obvious. Her adoration for him is clear as traits unseen to begin to appear.

    The relax in control of herself tends to reveal more of her clumsy habits as well. On anything other than her work, Gwendolyn may occasionally forget or let it drift from her mind. Sometimes, she even loses herself in daydreams - a result of her more artistic and creative aspects. Gwendolyn can also be quite physically clumsy, randomly tripping or walking into the occasional pillar, wall or door when she loses her focus.

    Gwendolyn, despite her increase in confidence since her teenage years still harbours some lack of confidence in herself – that she hides better now. Outside of her professional persona, Gwendolyn can be quite insecure and search for reassurance. Despite her creativity she is the type to follow the rules to the best of her ability and rarely has she thought or acted against them – an attitude that becomes apparent as a teacher as she rarely accepts rules being broken.

    Always has chewing gum with her
    Gets jittery when nervous - has to move - often leads to clumsy accidents
    Unhealthy addiction to fizzy drinks
    Tends to have small doodles on all her notes/work
    Always checks her work twice
    Terrible at math
    Light weight drinker
    Falls asleep easy
    Tends to have dried paint on her somehow and somewhere

    Trying different art mediums - mostly enjoys painting though

    Spiders and any type of insect

    Painting, drawing and anything artistic - she will try any medium at least once
    White chocolate
    Her husband, Victor
    Fresh fruit
    Fizzy drinks
    Cleanliness - she can be picky about cleaning and cleanliness
    Flowers - especially lilies.

    Dark chocolate
    Losing to Victor in anything
    Cruel people
    Her loved ones being upset - she adores them
    Coffee and tea - hates them

  • Height: 5''8
    Body type: Slender, curvy
    Hair colour/style: Mid back length, Straight, Side swept bangs, Platinum blonde
    Eye colour: A very light shade of blue
    Skin tone: Porcelain, cool undertones
    Piercings: Both ears are pierced
    Style: Gwendolyn tends to wear soft colours and they are often co-ordinated with the season. Though she has a preference for blues, purples, pinks, whites, beiges and cream shades. Typically she wears long, flowy skirts partnered with neat shirts and a thin bow tied under the collar in an appropriately matching colour. She has a black thin, feminine trench style coat that reaches down to her knees that she often wears, the white belt done up around her waist. Gwendolyn often wears some type of heels, rarely flats. Gwendolyn has come to adore hats and often has on either a typical witches hate decorated to her style or a summer hat, once again, decorated somehow.

  • Mother - Annabelle Summers - Gwendolyn and her mother get along well enough. However, she is her father's daughter. Gwendolyn tends to occasionally butt heads with her mother and occasionally, the two will be conflicting on matters. Both are equally stubborn and it causes arguments between the two - however their bond is strong.

    Father - Darren Summers - Gwendolyn adores her father and is closest to him of her parents. He is the softer of her two parents as her mother tends to be quite strict and practical while Darren is artistic and intuitive. The two of them get along well as they share a lot of personality traits. Works for the ministry of magic's international department.

    Grandfather - Bartholomew James Summers [deceased] - Bartholomew or better known as Bart, was a big influence and part of Gwendolyn's life. In fact, Darren had even named his daughter after his mother and Bart's father. He moved in with his son and daughter in law to care for an anxious and young Gwendolyn and became a key focus in her life. Gwendolyn surely misses him great and even the mention of him can bring tears to her eyes.

    Husband - Victor Pearce - Her husband and undeniably the person she adores and loves most in this world. Despite being arranged to marry - something the two protested in their own ways at the time - they fell in love and Gwendolyn regrets not a single moment of their time together. They get along well but also challenge each other. Well, it tends to be that Gwen is quite competitive against Victor.

    Son - Ren Pearce - Victor and Gwendolyn adopted Ren after witnessing an accident that took both his parents lives. Gwendolyn quickly came to adore him. All that Gwendolyn wants in life for her son is his happiness - which is often why she tends to baby him. She always encourages him to be creative and have fun.

  • Gwendolyn Sariel Summers was the first and only child of Darren and Annabelle Summers, two purebloods who come relatively small families and were arranged to marry one another. Darren and Annabelle had been trying for a few years to conceive before they had Gwendolyn - who was born prematurely and hospitalised for a while after birth. However, despite this the couple were ecstatic at the birth of their child.

    Gwendolyn in her youth had a tendency to get ill frequently and so Darren and Annabelle moved out to the countryside in the north of England to escape the city life of London. They brought a large plot of land which harboured a cosy home suited to them - the perfect place they believed, to raise their daughter. In fact, Gwendolyn loved this life and the closeness to nature - she would often explore nearby woods and fields to inspire her painting and drawing. As she grew up, her health improved. Though she still retains the tendency to get sick easily, Gwendolyn grew stronger.

    Despite having moved away from the bustling cities - her parents still ran a company remotely (they hired someone to run it for them). More often than not, one of her parents had to leave to travel for work, especially her father who worked for the ministry of magic. However, this often upset a young Gwendolyn who grew anxious in their absence. It was a bigger problem when eventually, her father and mother had conflicting business. This eventually led to her paternal grandfather moving in with the small family so Gwendolyn could be with a relative.

    This led to her often listening to her Grandfathers stories of his old friends many years before even her father was born. He would also often encourage and join in her creativity - painting and travelling through the natural scenery around their home. Gwendolyn adored her grandfather. He was a sweet but jovial man, often messing with his own son and his daughter-in-law for laughs.

    Gwendolyn was eventually sent to Hogwarts when she was 11 and sorted into Hufflepuff. Gwendolyn enjoyed the first few years of her time at the school - she made quite a few good friends and was generally quite popular in the sense she got along with most people - except the few kids that would often bully her - something that led to her lack of confidence and developing insecurities.

    However, life could not be that easy. Before her third year started her parents had told her something life changing. Due to them needed to expand their company abroad they had been in contact with friends in America. In fact, their friends grandparents were friends of her own grandfather. They had talked and decided to help one another business wise - with a slight agreement. They arranged Gwendolyn to marry their friends son, Victor Pearce.

    Gwendolyn was not happy.

    She protested. A lot. She rebelled against her parents in protest of their decision without her input. She refused this engagement in every way possible. However, her parents eventually talked her into at least meeting Victor - he was due to come to England to attend Hogwarts with her anyway. After a meaningful talk with her father that persuaded her to give the arrangement a go, Gwendolyn relented.

    When Gwendolyn and Victor met, she did try to be polite and nice. However, Victor was not what she expected. In fact, he simply stated that their eventual marriage would be for show - that they would go and do whatever they wanted and would act happy for their parents. Despite her protests - her parents had been an arranged marriage and fell in love, something that she had hoped or at least that Victor was tolerable, Gwendolyn simply agreed.

    For a while at Hogwarts the two were at arms length with one another. They did their own things - though Gwendolyn never broke her loyalty to her betrothed despite his earlier statement. It took them a while and a mass of drama before they fell in love with one another. Though, it let them spend the rest of their time at Hogwarts together, happily. Shortly after they graduated, the two married. During their honeymoon, Gwendolyn and Victor came across a car accident and had hurriedly called for an ambulance. Two parents and a child. Only Ren, the child, lived. It broke Gwendolyn's heart to see this and she made sure to spend a majority of her time in the hospital with the traumatised child. Eventually, Ren warmed up to her and when it came time for him to be released, Gwendolyn could not allow him to go into care - no, she convinced Victor that they should adopt him and they did. After a few years, they were offered teaching posts at Hogwarts and accepted and Gwendolyn became a Charms Professor.

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✤ basic info.
Name: Juniper Ann Murray
Age: 17
Year: Seven
Race: Half-Blood
House: Ravenclaw
Clubs: Charms - Member, Potions - Member, Newspaper - Member, Books - Member
Electives: Ancient Studies, Alchemy, Ancient Runes

-Wand: Inflexible, 9 inch, Rowan wood wand with a Phoenix tail feather core.
-Patronus: TBA

Lysandra Murray: Aunt
Morrigan Quinn: TBA
✤ personality.
Juniper is a cold, calculated girl who always knows what she wants and works to get is. She spends hours studying until she's perfected whatever it is she seeks to learn.

She has a serious mean streak that can almost come across as harsh and unfeeling, but it's never bothered her how people respond to her comments, weather its tears or anger. Though at times her sarcastic comments can be almost entertaining.

She has no patients for most people, finding them boring and uninteresting which usually results in her giving them cold looks or completely ignoring them.

She takes her talents and jobs serious and failure is not an option for her. In the rare case she does fail at something, she'll work at it until she perfects and excels.

She very rarely shows any form of gentleness towards anyone, except a few rare cases. Her aunt not being one of them.

✤ biography.
Alyson Striker, previously known as Alyson Murray, was once a loyal servant to the Dark Lord. She and her eldest sister joined early in their young lives, after their family's constant insistence; something purely out of fear for what might befall them if they choose to side against such a powerful threat. A coward's way out, as Alyson had always believed when her parents sent the two sisters as an offering.

Only, her sister, Lysandra Murray, had already been eager to bring pride to their family, never quite seeing the bigger picture.

And this was why, when the time came, Alyson left Lysandra behind when she escaped the Death Eaters, after saving the life of a lowly Squib named James Striker.

Her mission took her to the home of the people he worked for, having been abandoned by his own family out of embarrassment for his lack of magical talent. She had been unable to perform the curse that would end his life, or even to call upon her sister to do it for her. Instead, she let him free. He was whom she ran away with, whom she went into hiding with, whom she abandoned her sister and her promise to the Dark Lord for. He was the man she married and started her family with.

Soon after finding a safe place to hide, Juniper Ann Striker came into their lives, magic burning through her veins. A sweet child they loved dearly--loved for five short years, before it was all destroyed just nights after the young girl's fifth birthday.

Juniper was hidden away in a closet, where she wouldn't witness the battle that raged between two sisters, or her falling falling to the ground, his eyes sightless. Nor would she witness the cloaked figures with horrible masks slipping soundlessly into their quiet little home, destroying everything.

Her mother fell soon as well, overwhelmed and unable to stop them all, her own sister's curse stopping her heart and ripping her away from her life and the child she'd left behind. A child whose cries could be heard through the thin wood of her closet. Cries that led her mother and father's killers right to her hiding place; cries that revealed her terrified form to her aunt, Lysandra.

That was the first turning point for that innocent, sweet little child -- the first crack forming in her sweet little heart, as a woman who looked just like her mother dragged her from the closet, revealing the horrors of her loving home. Dead bodies lying before her, her aunt's cackling laughter surrounding her as she pulled her from that home, with a promise to her dead sister, a promise that her daughter would be everything she never could be. A child to bring the Murray name pride.

Lysandra held fast to that promise, shaping Juniper into the most loyal Death Eater she could be, punishing her when she failed and pushing her to always do better. Her entire life after coming into her aunt's care was filled with studying ancient cursed objects and spells for such things.

When she reached school age, although reluctant, her aunt sent her to Hogwarts, hoping it would improve what seemed to be a natural-born talent for making and breaking cursed objects, when it was really just a skill born from punishments and a desire to learn and perfect.

And this was why, after being placed into Ravenclaw, she dedicated all of her time into her preferred classes: Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Transfiguration. Though she did have a strong interest in some Herbology as well, mostly in the darker plant uses and potions.

Now that she in in school, her talents for making cursed objects has become a well-used asset for her aunt. Her knowledge on such things only growing each year... her use to the other Death Eaters only increasing.
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Age | Seventeen
  Species | Muggle-Born
  House | Slytherin
  Year | Sixth
  Patronus | Alligator

Electives | Advanced Arithmancy Studies | Alchemy | Apparition | Divination

Clubs | None

Mother never really loved me. She says she does, but she strokes my hair violently.
Mommy, why?

Father fears me. No man should craft his words so carefully when speaking to a child.
Daddy, you fool.

When a witch is born to muggles, it evokes many emotions; love, acceptance, fear, hatred. From a young age, Kaden had come to terms with the mixed sentiment from her parents. She loved them dearly, and accepted their fear of uncertainty - the stress of their burden.

Mommy, daddy. You'll forgive me again, won't you?

Kaden's composure is deceptive to her impulsive and wild decisions. She has a sharp tongue, and a deadly smile that can make a pure-blooded egoist bitterly swallow their words.

Doesn't taste too good, does it.
She is currently repeating her sixth year at Hogwarts to due a deliberate accident.
She had become the talk of many, but no story had been verified. The rumors were tossed in the wind and left to die in the dust.


APPEARANCE: Radiance. Her confidence shows through her piercing gaze and each, calculated move. She is often assumed to be a pure-blood with the way she carries herself. Contrary to her doll-like features, there is not a sense of fragility about her past her appearance. Kaden often adorns herself in enchanted tattoos that sway and move as if they were alive. Due to the movement of the ink, she is able to create different variations of art and change the placement on her skin. Her favorite lip color is black.

RELATIONSHIPS: TBA - (pls lets link up :3)

- her hands are always ice cold
- bites ice cream
- never wants children
- practices wandless magic
- pyromaniac
- excels and favors herbology class
- her father is a florist and her mother is a surgeon
- has a little brother of 12; lost an eye in an accident with his sister
Alligator Patronus - Alligator people tend to be assertive and self-assured, but are subtle and not overly showy. They are very proud and can be extremely dominant in their environment when they choose. But not to be fooled with a griffin's pride, alligator people tend to hide themselves a bit. They only show their true colors when they are threatened or angered. Much like the actual alligator, they can become aggressive and lash out when they feel it is necessary.

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