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AKA: Please help me find motivation for writing and kill my boredom by giving me all sorts of art things to do.

I've been doing these for a while, started by adding filters and borders to pictures for my own use in RP's, then more complex edits, then I started offering it to friends when they'd complain about 'finding a good faceclaim, but not in the right colors' and nowadays these same friends started coming to me with requests like 'make this a different color' or 'I don't like plain white backgrounds so fix this for me please'.
I like doing these, they're reminiscent of digital drawing just a lot more quick to do, so I thought why not open a shop where I could help more people out, and have more fun with it...

What I'll take as requests: Honestly, as long as it's not Character art ('cause there's a section for that), writing requests (I've had my fair share of ghost-writing before, it is stressful!) or BBCode (because I'm still getting adapted to it) the sky is the limit. I take anything. I'll give you a head's up if your request sound too far beyond my skill repertoire or just literally impossible...

What I'm used to doing are: Image edits (from simple color changes, backgrounds to even more complex ones such as altering/covering radically a part of it), Removing backgrounds (To when you need your image to be a transparent PNG), IC headers and making signatures (Yes I made mine)

What programs do I use? For those curious I have: Paint Tool SAI, Paint.NET, Medibang Paint Pro, GIMP2, Photoscape, Inkscape and Photoshop CS6 to my disposition, plus a lot of online tools and mobile apps. I just think all of these have something they do better than the others, or they have more/different filter/text options.

Things I need to know:
  • What is the request? (Picture edit, make a signature, maybe try my hand at a banner, etc...)
  • The idea: Give me a basic description of what's in your mind and what it is for. If it's an edit tell me what you want changed, what color, etc...
  • The desired dimensions: Sometimes I can get a feel for these from what the request IS, sometimes I cannot. Just so there is no mistake, if it's a banner or a signature or something like that, please give me some pixel dimensions to work with.
  • Feeling of the product. This one is a bit harder to convey, but like, what am I supposed to feel when I look at the final product? This is helpful towards choosing fonts and colors when your basic idea is something more ample and vague (example: make a background, IC post header...)
  • Urgency of the request. I'm going to queue these with priority and complexity in mind on this very same post (or the next).
  • OPTIONAL: If your request asks for some text, already choose a font and a color for it. It's the type of thing that will help me a lot if you bring it figured out, but if not, it's okay.

If I feel like I need some more specific information for your request, I will make you more questions.

Things YOU need to know:
  • How long does it take? It depends, but there have been things that, from the moment I started them to its completion, have taken me 5 hours without any breaks.
  • Work ethic: I am an annoying perfectionist with these things. This means I won't be done with it until I've considered it passable and I will make you little progress reports if I feel like I need the requesters' input on something. (Even if you said something like 'I trust your job' and just let me do my thing, I can't help it)
  • When will you start? If you don't give me a date or say it's urgent, I will pick it up whenever I find free time for it, normally in-between roleplay responses. I'll let you know when I start working on your request!
  • 'All of your examples are Anime and illustrations, can you edit actual photos for me?' I can try but until I'm certain that I can do it properly, do not expect me to do as well on this... I have no experience with actual photo-editing whatsoever.
  • IMPORTANT: This is a hobby and a motivation booster more than anything. I don't want it to get in the way of actual writing. It's supposed to aid it not replace it, please have that in mind and be patient. (I have a life too!)

--Some examples-- (I'm gonna come back to this and maybe add some more later, it is 11 PM rn)

Captura de tela 2018-09-11 22.48.59.png
Friend Request: Match the image texture and color pallete to another image's.
Captura de tela 2018-09-11 22.51.39.png
Friend Request: Change the background. No specifics given.
Captura de tela 2018-09-11 23.17.46.png
Personal Use: Edited to match already given description in RP.
Personal Use. These normally go in my post layouts above or bellow the FC.
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