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Beatrice Kolkowsky | Mechanic's Shop
| Early Morning

Interactions: Winslow & Cecilio

Bea perked up upon hearing Cecilio call out to her. Crap, was it her turn already? That was quick! Which could be a good sign, actually; if Winslow's check up was that brief, then it was safe to assume that hers would last just as long, maybe even shorter. Cradling that little nugget of hope close to her chest, she approached the two males with her precious Uke in tow.

Hey, she wasn't gonna put him down, even if the world was ending!

...Well, technically the world kinda was ending. And being raided by zombies--you get the point! Uke isn't going anywhere, tyrannical music haters!

"Ready Freddy!" Bea chimed while clumsily saluting Cecilio. She then scratched the back of her head, a sheepish grin pulling at her features. "So, uh...a quick request? Or, maybe two, depending on how you look at it and all that jazz. Can, like, my PIC Win here," she bumped shoulders with her friend, "and Uke keep my company for this? I know this is gonna blow your mind to bits but I'm not the most confident and calm smooth chic around and the thought of check-ups and other doctor appointment stuff sorta kinda maybe freaks me out dude, like, whoa, it isn't even funny, in fact you oughtta see how bad it gets when I get so nervous over something, frick, I don't know, wondering too long why in heck the sun has to be yellow when technically it's not and why online pizza delivery still makes your interact with people cuz like, doesn't that defeat the purpose or what?!"

Bea had to catch her breath. Her huffs were borderline wheezes, yet she managed to flash a cheesy thumbs up at the tall Russo-Italian. "Off to a great start, right? I can feel it in my bones dude. Yep. Picture perfect health. Ahaha, haha! Ha..." Her head fell sideways to Winslow's shoulder. "Win, don't lie to me. On a scale of 1 to 10, how unbearable was that? One for meh and ten for omg Bea, you've got problems home skillet."

Her face was on fire.


On Person
1x - Hunting Knife

1x - Water Canteen (half full)
3x - Protein Bar
Uke the ukulele
1x - First Aid Kit
Bloodied Finding Nemo shirt
5x - Needles
3x - Hospital Rags
1x - Change of Clothes (Black long-sleeved shirt and black pants)
(Undiagnosed) Depersonalization Disorder
Secrets boi (I'm not telling!)
PIC with Winslow

Non-serious crush on Evangeline