Outlaws of the Multiverse

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Layla actually chuckled at his last line, Cerberus being romantic. It's ironic when you think about it, a group like them being seen in such a romantic light. It would be like giving the Taliban a romantic light, something just seemed so wrong with it, but sounded all too funny to hear as well. "I'm guessing your parents were alright in you joining? If they're still around, of course." She asked. Most kids who joined Cerberus didn't have family to back to, and perhaps had a small grudge against aliens for their deaths. Jules didn't seem like a kid who'd be into human race first type of beliefs, or rather would be racist towards alien life.

Then again, she could be wrong. Most people she met who worked in Cerberus never seemed likely to have any agenda against aliens. They cared about giving humanity a chance in a massive universe, not be controlling over it. Though if she talked to people in the lower levels, soldiers and commanders, perhaps a few people up at the top, there'd likely be some fellas with beliefs of making interment camps for aliens who mess with Humans. Give them poison like they were rats infesting a home.

............ God, her thinking got dark right there
And indeed, Layla was quite right in that regard. They were plenty of people who had genuine racist and hatefull views regarding aliens. The Phantom generally didn’t interact with them though. They tended to be a bit...nutty. And some of them also had a bit of an aggresion issue. All in all, not a pleasant lot to be around. As for himself, aside from batarians, Jules never really thought much of aliens. Neither in a positive or negative way.

“Oh, they certainly weren’t.” Denied Jules, shaking his head. “They were extremely pissed about it...Said that if I left, I wouldn’t have to come back.” He replied with a wince. To be more precise, it was actually ‘her’, considering his mother had raised him and his brother mostly on her own. “Of course I didn’t listen at the time. They did warn me about Cerberus, but as I said, I thought Cerberus was pretty much a bunch of vigilantes who did all sorts of good things.”

Indeed, his mother and the rest of his family had been quite furious. He was to stay home on the colony and help out with the farm. But in the kid’s mind, joining Cerberus would help the farm. In retrospect, he really should have listened. Then he wouldn’t have gone through the ruthless Cerberus training programm and he wouldn’t be here in...Where were they, actually?

“Would you...mind telling me where we are?” Asked Jules the older woman cautiously.
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