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Fantasy, I don't hate it, I just don't focus on it a lot.


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im quite adaptable and can switch roles of leadiong or following in a moments notice
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cyberpunk grimdark/postapocalyptic scifi fantasy and lastly steampunk/dieselpunk. i also love mixing high fantasy together with full scifi for fun worlds.
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yaoi...please just keep that away from me.
Name: Zenith

Age: 19

Gender (Can be genderless too): Female

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Species: Thunderbird

World and Universe they are from: World of MGE ((the place has no official name so just using the wikis name))

Appearance: Standing at only 4 feet She is a very small and surprisingly light girl. Weighing in at only 17.6 KG she could get away by landing on somebody's shoulders without them even noticing her. Despite her small body and light weight her wingspan is massive at at nearly 12 feet she can carry some rather surprising loads. people in full armor while still stuck to a horse for example. Her hair just like her wings are gunmetal grey with accents of royal and azure blue colors. Being a type of a harpy both her hands are replaced by the said wings which makes manipulating objects an impossible task. Her legs from the knee below are replaced by avian like feet that have shiny black armoring on them. Lastly to complete her exotic look her skin is a lovely brown tone.

Personality: Mischievous hyperactive and crazy would be the best words used to sum up this girl. always filled with bundles of energy shes not shy of sharing in the form of lightning she can never sit down in one spot. Zipping from one place to the next shes almost constantly in motion and doing something be it good or bad. Curious beyond belief she is a kind of a bird brain and an airhead. often her tinkering ends up breaking something rather important to somebody. when it comes to chasing down her prey or running away when she ends up being the prey her crazy side starts to show. not afraid of going through impossibly tight places while flying or approaching heavily defended ships and castles

History/Bio: Born in a world where humans were either scared or hostile towards her Zenith had to grow up in a village high in the cliffs where others of her own kind had set up camp. moving from place to place often she had grown to be a free spirit just like others and equally as insane. only thing putting her apart from the others was her unusual amount of energy that she never seemed to run out of. her first encounter with actual humans happened when she was only 11 years old and in a world like that we can all imagine what happened. mages fired spells archers tried to shoot her down and those who could jump up to her tried cutting her down. Thinking of it like some game of Tag Zenith fluttered about just barely out of their grasp. She would continue doing this for years to come with ships castles and caravans...that is when one fateful day Science made its appearance with a fright green light.


Demonic energy and spells: All spells take demonic energy to manifest but due to them using this energy they are vastly more powerful and intense than similar ones cast by regular humans who use mana. Some destructive spells having the power to level small towns. Since her body releases demonic energy much more willingly than a humans releases mana her body is constantly covered in a thin veil of raw demonic energy. This thin cover acts as a shield against harming effects of her own spells and boosts the already insane durability of her body.

The body of a monster: Despite her tiny size and light body she possesses freakish strength that allows her to snatch up humans still attached to their horses and drop them from high up in the sky or carry them back to her nesting area. same freakist strength can be used to carry boulders and bombard castles or ships from up high while her durable body can take several cannonballs before showing signs of damage.

Power limitations: run out of demonic energy and you got no spells. takes time to recover fully. Same goes about the durability. there is only so much she can take before damage becomes noticeable

SS Flying [She was born with wings after all]
S Agility [Surprisingly fast and not afraid to use boosting magic to make her go even faster even in alleys of a town]
B Combat [Hated or feared by humans she had learned how to fend for herself. spells from makes speed and agility from archers as well as dueling with knights.]

Weapon(s)/ Equipment: Has no weapons as her race is incapable of manipulating complex objects like swords or bows. only weapons that could really be counted in are the talons on her feet that can dig into steel armor and parry a sword blade.

Strengths: extremely fast even for her own kinds and filled with seemingly limitless energy

Weakness/ Fears: cant fly as well during rain and hates getting her feathers wet or dirty as its an absolute nightmare having to clean those. her past run-ins with the arachne have made her fear anything resembling a spider.



~Ruff Rabbit~
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Name- Calina Ennilinus

Age- 28

Gender- Female

Sexual orientation- Heterosexual

Species- Turian

World and Universe they are from- Mass Effect

Personality- Calina isn't much of a talker, nor is she one to want to hang out and get drinks after a job. She keeps her private life very private, there isn't one person in all of space that can tell you anything about her. All you'll ever find out is what's in her files since she's been working on the ship Plenix. The less people know about her and her life, the less work there is tying up loose ends. She's very level headed and cool under any amount off stress or anything issues that they might happen to run into while out on a job. Though she's not much of a talker or someone you would call a 'friend', she is very loyal to her team mates. Sure, she may be a merc but that didn't mean that she doesn't have morals and or standards. She would rather be tortured for hours, then to turn on one for her fellow ship mates. She's not much of a joker either.

History/Bio- Twenty-seven years ago Mr. and Mrs. Anders, adopted a six year old female Turian. All they knew about her was that the ship she was on was shot down by a slaver ship. Only her and hand full of others survived. They were brought to their research colony to take care of the wounded and to find temporary shelter. Most of them went back to their home world, Palaven. The six year old female Turian, didn't get to go home. In the months that followed, the Anders had tried to contact Palaven to find someone to come get the girl and take her home. It always seemed that something happened with the paperwork and no reply was sent. Giving up and growing attached to the girl, the Anders just decided to adopt her. It wasn't an easy task but eventually the young girl hand parents again. And below is a short story of her life.

Calina was always a bit of a shy young girl. She would often be found in her room, reading a book some of kind. She loved to fill her head with knowledge of all sorts and never found any book to be a boring read. Instead of going out and getting scuffs and getting dirty, she read and research things that she found interesting. Her parents used to tell her that she would grow up one day and be a great Turian doctor or researcher. And she made that her main goal in life, growing up. There was nothing to stop her from achieving that goal. She excelled in all her classes, often getting the highest ranks and honors. That was all in her younger years, mind you. I should also mention that at the age of six, the ship that her, her parents, and a few fellow turians, got shot down. In the crash her real parents died, leaving only her and a few other alive. By some means of a miracle, she was adopted by a human family and raised on a research planet. Hence, her love for researching.

It came time to go to what I guess we humans would call college. Where her fellow peers were off having fun partying and being wild young adults, Calina was off with her nose in a book as always. She was doing quite well in her classes and soon getting all the doctorates and credentials that she needed to pursue her career in research developments. Things were going quite well for her at this point, and life was just blissfully perfect. Her parents were very proud of her and would gush over her at gatherings. Being the shy turian that she is and still not quite feeling like she felt in with fellow humans, she would often shy away from the conversations and find some where quiet to think about things. Things were absolutely perfect and came the night of her graduation. Calina's once happy existence came crashing down in the sound of two gun shots.

Calina, remembers that day very vividly, as if happened yesterday. The shots rang out loudly and her once proud parents lay lifeless, five feet away from her. A pain like none other, pierced her heart. She fell to her knees, tears streaming down her cheeks and felt lost. Her whole world was just taken from her. She was utterly alone now, not having a single soul to turn to. Which, proved to be hard on her and it changed her greatly. In the next following years, Calina had no choice but to leave her hopes behind her, for she wasn't the same anymore. Now she had a new goal. To hunt down and kill the man that took her whole world away from her. Going through her parents old books, she found some information on her race. She found the name of her home planet. Having no where to go, she turned to the only people whom she thought could help her and take her in. She learned quick that the culture was incredibly different from where she grew up. Eventually she ended up alone here on Palaven. She only knew of one thing, and used her new anger and hatred to fuel her drive for vengeance.

Being as alone as she was, she had to turn to the military in order to make a living now. Which was good. There she learned everything that she needed in order to hunt down the man that killed her parents and tear him from limb from limb, or so she thought. And having to live by turian law now, she carried out her fifteen year service. It wasn't long before she was tired of all the red tape that was thrown at her from being in the military and decided that it was time to leave. If they didn't want to point her in the right direction, then she would just find someone who would. And it didn't take long for her to find the right kind of people. They taught her everything she really needed to know to find the man that killed her parents. When they felt that she was ready, they cut her loose. In the coming months of trying to find him, she got a tip that the man who was responsible for making her the cold hearted person that she is now, was the leader of the crew that trained her.

Naturally her trust was completely shattered as she trusted him and looked to him as a second father. Hunting him down was a difficult choice for her, and it wasn't one that she made every easily. Well it turned out that she had a heart after all. But she didn't leave without leaving her "mark", on him and her face burned into his memory. After nearly breaking every bone in his body and leaving him barely alive, Calina left to use her skills to their fullest and that led her to where she is in now. Serving whoever can pay the most.

Powers- Basic botics, nothing overly flashy

Power limitations- Her botics only have a duration of five minutes. She never really uses them, hence why they aren't anything special.

Skills- She's an assassin. She has expert sniper rifle training. Her skills are unmatched in most of the universe. That is her main go to weapon. She doesn't care for people enough to get close enough to even waste a bullet on them. She'd rather show her distain for them from afar. She also has basic blade training. She's is no where near at the skill that most would be at. But she knows enough, that if she had to relay on her hand to hand, she can hold her own Her shooting skills would be ranked B and her blade skills would probably be a C-.

Headhunter (M-97 Viper) Ebb and Flow (her two small twin tungsten knives) Peacemaker (M-6 Carnifex)

<p><a href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2015_08/upload_2015-8-6_19-51-36.png.f655e43bf00db4ccabc46bc1a28e005b.png" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image"><img data-fileid="66994" src="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/monthly_2015_08/upload_2015-8-6_19-51-36.png.f655e43bf00db4ccabc46bc1a28e005b.png" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt=""></a></p>


Strengths- Keeps a cool head in any situation. She isn't one to over react when the shit hits the fan. You can always rely on her to have your back. Don't break her loyalty to you and you'll never have to worry about her putting a hollow point between your eyes.

Weakness/Fears- People getting too close. Over crowded places. Human food. Pretty much human anything.
Name: Alken de la Vaettir

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual, occasionally Bi-Curious.

Species: Human (SOLDIER)

World and Universe they are from: Final Fantasy VII

Appearance: Alken is a dark skinned young man with black hair. Standing at 5'11", he tends to carry himself with his shoulders square and back straight. He's decently well built for a man his age, but has a rather slim profile; strong, but without enough bulk to make him an easier target. His facial appearance is rather winsome and friendly, with a button nose, and soft features. He has a small scar parallel and above his left eyebrow, and a particularly deep and dark scar around his neck, stretching from his adam's apple, around the left side and to his nape. His body is similarly marked up; his torso is covered in scars from blade-cuts and puncture wounds.

His hair is frizzy and kept closely cropped. As a SOLDIER, his eyes have the trademark Mako glow, but are otherwise dark brown. He wears a dark blue variant of the SOLDIER uniform. He keeps his swords on magnetic holsters on his back.

Under his helmet, he wears a dark brown beanie with a golden feather that makes his head look like a large, adorable acorn.

Personality: Alken is friendly, agreeable, and sociable. Though low-key and relaxed, he shows a lot of enthusiasm for helping people and doing a good job. Patriotic and idealistic, he embraces his role as one of Midgar's elite warriors, and will do anything and everything to protect his people. His trademark altruism tends to extend to people outside his home; he likes to help, and is particularly charitable to those in need.

A team player, Alken is more than willing to defer to those who know better than him, and is quick to learn from more powerful fighters. He's easily impressed, and has a bit of a sentimental streak. He has a bit of a weakness for gambling; he loves playing dice and betting on chocobo races.

Beneath his smiling exterior is a seasoned and dangerous warrior. He can be rather reckless and heroic when his back is against the wall, or innocent life is at stake; in the midst of battle, he rather enjoys the challenge of an insurmountable foe. Despite his friendliness when it comes to teammates, his training and experience on the battlefield has made him particularly lethal; he'll spare you when he can and it suits his sensibilities, but he isn't averse to dispatching foes with fatal attacks; if he has confirmed that you're a genuine threat to him or his team, and that you're acting with genuine malice, there's pretty much a 50/50 chance that he'll kill you.

The young SOLDIER has quite a bit of loathing for monsters; one of the few times you'll see him employ genuine cruelty to a foe is when the creature he's facing is a literal killing-machine. If the world is better off without it, then he gets rid of it. He particularly hates snake monsters like naga, lamia, gorgons, hydras, etc.

He tends to ramble when nervous, and gets a bit flustered when complimented. Though proud of his abilities in combat and his physical appearance, he loses track of what he's saying when he gets hit on or excessively fawned over. Alken is particularly promiscuous; he views pleasure as completely natural, and is willing to share his bed with anyone willing who he finds attractive. Flattery will get you pretty much anywhere with him.

History/Bio: As a young man, Alken lived on a small farm outside Midgar in a town called Ladd. Living with his father, Aidon Vaettir, he had a nice life until a violent monster incursion left him homeless, killing his father and neighbors. Riding into Midgar on a train as the sole survivor of the assault, he spent months at a rail-yard mourning the loss of his father, who was his sole guardian at the time. Taken in by a fellow urchin, Lioke, he survived for years on the street until he and Lioke decided to join the SOLDIER program.

Surviving the screening process and enduring painful Mako showers and treatments, Alken and Lioke were assigned to Cadet Group Eight, Alken and Lioke met several other like-minded youths. Unfortunately, due to an ill-fated disaster in Sector Six, the majority of Cadet Group Eight was buried alive. Fifty cadets reduced to seven, Alken and his fellow cadets continued to survive the rigors of training despite being drastically understaffed in every test.

Eventually, the seven cadets were taken under the wing of a First-Class SOLDIER of great renown; Alalonn, the Dragon Slayer. Under his tutelage, the Cadet Group Eight bypassed Third-Class and entered Second-Class at a rather young age. Known widely as Alken the Fighter, the young SOLDIER is one of Alalonn's trusted retainers.

He is well known for eliminating several powerful monsters in his tours of duty in and out of Midgar, including a snake monster that was considered godlike to those who had encountered it and lived to tell the tale.

Powers: A Second-Class SOLDIER of good standing, Alken is a good deal faster and stronger than the average person. Gifted with enhanced reflexes, strength, speed and stamina by his controlled exposure to Mako, Alken is a nightmare at close and medium range thanks to his augmentations and his Materia. He is also rather durable, despite being a human being; he can shrug off or endure a fair amount of abuse, fall from great distances and arise unscathed, and survive quite a bit of concussive force and survive (albeit stunned or dazed). He's been known to survive savage injuries, such as a bite from a huge snake monster and the resulting poison.

His senses are sharp as well; he can detect motion and see great distances, and can react quickly to nearby sounds, recognizing unfavorable ones quickly (blades leaving their sheathes, wingbeats, guns being raised, audible cues from incoming spells etc).

He is strong enough to lift small vehicles like cars off the ground, or send adult men flying in a single blow. His speed and reflexes make him particularly hard to hit, allowing him to dodge or deflect bullet-fire if aware of his attackers before they shoot. While channeling his innate Mako, his striking force and speed can be temporarily enhanced, although it can only be done in short bursts.

Alken's abilities combined make him an incredibly effective shock trooper. His swordsmanship allows for defense and rapid lethality, his barehanded skill allows him to plow through enemies on short notice, stun, or send his opponents flying, his speed and reflexes make him difficult to shoot or cut down, his fire magic can quickly turn the terrain in his favor and provide cover for teammates, and he can heal himself at will and raise his injured teammates. By all standards, he's a dangerous warrior.

Power limitations: Alken is, for all intents and purposes, human. He can be damaged or slain by physical force, though said force must be scaled up by a degree of magnitude. Abilities that cancel out magic can also render his Materia based abilities useless. He also tends to put speed and offense over defense, leaving him vulnerable to attentive or cunning adversaries.

Those knowledgeable of SOLDIER would know if he was seriously going on the attack; his body glows bluish-silver when on the verge of a Limit Break; a huge warning to keep your distance. His ranged options are somewhat limited without Materia as well.

His magic abilities, which he uses for ranged combat and healing, are entirely tied to Materia. Stealing his Materia would leave him unable to heal himself or fight from a distance unless he had a throwing weapon.

He is also not a particularly powerful mage by SOLDIER's standards, or by multiverse standards; his fire magic has a limited effective range of fifteen meters, and he can exhaust his magical stamina in prolonged conflicts, leaving him with only his physical abilities to rely on. It takes him around two hours of rest (actually resting and recuperating, outside of combat) to regain his full mana.


S-Rank Close Combatant: Alken is famed for his capabilities up-close, using swordsmanship and self-taught martial-arts in tandem. He's a skilled user of several hallmark SOLDIER techniques with his blade. Even without his sword, he's a force to be reckoned with; he's even more dangerous with raw martial-arts than he is as a swordsman. His limit breaks are also a powerful tool in his repertoire; Fist of Doom is a singular, incredibly strong blow from his (you guessed it) fist. Goodbye Rush is a chain attack of punches, blows from the pommel of his blade, and sword slashes.

A-Rank Weapons Master: Alken has trained with multiple different SOLDIER weapons; swords, clubs, lances, throwing sickles, staffs and shields are all within his wheelhouse.

A-Rank Survivalist: He's trained to survive for long sorties in the wilderness, or potentially behind enemy lines. He can move quietly, live off the land, and generally survive without the trappings of modern life almost indefinitely.

B-Rank Army Strategist: Despite his young age, he's had years of experience. Shinra Troopers and Third-Class SOLDIERs looked to him in the field for military guidance, and First-Classers, drill sergeants and seasoned ground-commanders tutored him in basic military theory. He can adequately assist in planning a ground assault.

B-Rank Materia User: Unable to use magic without Materia, Alken carries them in his weapons or on gauntlets. His preference is to fire-materia, using it to throw fireballs, create walls of flame, or cause explosions at close range. His Healing Materia allows him to heal others, and recover from physical injuries. Healing isn't his strong-suit, so he has to do it slowly and carefully. Life threatening or crippling injuries take all of Alken's attention to mend on someone else; healing himself from the brink of death is even harder, and takes longer.

D-Rank Gunman: Alken knows how to use a gun, but has middling aim at best.


Espérer: Alken's main sword, it's a single-sided short-blade made of Mythril. With a metal, square shaped guard and a leather handle, Espérer is built to be wielded in one hand, allowing his offhand freedom to wield another blade, or more likely to strike barehanded. Alken keeps his Materia in this blade.

Rêver: A matching blade and twin to Espérer, Rêver is the exact same, only the handle is slightly longer and the blade is double sided. Despite being his weapon and almost identical to Espérer, Rêver is the lesser used, and is often missing from his person; Alken has a friend who likes to steal it. This sword sometimes carries an extra Materia.

Materia: Alken often carries two Materia, favoring Fire and Healing.

Armor: Alken wears the standard SOLDIER uniform; a sleeveless turtleneck sweater, long pants, leather boots, a belt with the SOLDIER logo, and suspenders. His uniform is dark blue with brown leather. He also wears the standard SOLDIER protective armor; a pair of metal shoulder pauldrons, and a single horned helmet that covers the head, brow, and back of the neck. He keeps his sword on a holster close to the small of his back. He wears a small armlet attached to his left glove that can house a Materia orb. He sometimes dons a chestplate for heavy combat.

Strengths: In addition to his inborn talent for battle, there is a simple, terrifying fact about him; he has a capacity to learn and adapt at a terrifying rate. When he is stymied and beaten down, he almost always realizes his mistake and comes back stronger for the second round. The closer you drive him to the brink of death, the more he learns from the battle (unless he's taken by surprise, or completely demolished by overwhelming force).

Alken is a bit of a self-improvement nut; he trains and exercises in his down-time, never allowing himself to decline in power.

He's famed for having an "iron nerve", but the truth is that he simply cannot excuse himself from standing up to an enemy; he revels in the challenge, and he embraces his role as an elite warrior.

He is quick to make the right choice, including turning to others for guidance or doing nothing at all in the absence of a correct decision. He has a good heart and moral compass.

Weakness/Fears: Alken is somewhat afraid of the dark. He also takes too long to fight sometimes, believing that reasoning with the enemy is the best strategy. Being forced to fight when he feels negotiation is possible feels like an capitulation of his morals.

During his career, he's gone through quite a bit of trauma; he's been forced to execute helpless people, and been pit against unstoppable monsters who nearly killed him.

He stresses a lot over social choices, and the smallest mistake or amount of tension will make him overthink things; he usually manages to right himself and go for the right choice, but on the inside he's a rather anxious guy.

Alken is fiercely loyal to his childhood friend and romantic partner Lioke; in terms of mental attack, she always makes for a useful pivot. Convincing Alken that she's been harmed or is in danger will make him drop everything and respond to the threat.

He is also heavily susceptible to flattery; the compliments or expressions of gratitude, or romantic overtures often leave him flustered and at a loss for words.

Other: Underneath his helmet, he wears a brown beanie with a golden feather stitched into the left side of the fabric; the feather was from a golden chocobo. A gift from Lioke, it has great personal value to Alken, but is functionally worthless overall.

I overhauled him quite a bit; I nixed his sensory abilities.


i̦͚͙m͇̦̟̲̖̬ͅ ̻͚͞wa̟̗t͔̘͙ͅch͔̟̫͈̻ͅḭ̷̬͙̳ǹ͎̮̤̮̘͓g
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Name: Kent Forrest

Age: 21 and a half

Gender (Can be genderless too): Male

Sexual Orientation: bisexual

Species: human/demon (user)

World and Universe they are from: Eboria

Appearance (Just a basic description of what your character looks like. Needs to be over four lines long. Please include basic shit like height and complexion, as well as physical build.): He looks average as most people describe him. He will blend into a crowd with his black hair and average height of five feet and nine inches. His build is normal, not too fit and not too chubby. One noticeable difference is that of his eyes. The whites of his eyes are filled with almost a crystalline liquid. His irises are white. The colors of his eyes seem almost in like they have been inverted. His clothes are dirty and ragged, mainly covered in dirt (and oil?).

Personality (Over six lines long.): He generally has no idea what he is doing most of the time. People describe him as the assassin that doesn’t even know his target. He usually doesn’t ask for jobs or even want jobs, but due to his high success rate, he gets jobs. He’s not your average assassin. He is mainly kind to those around him and will try to find the loopholes in things. Although he has a lot of good traits about him, he is an addict. He smokes a drug also known as smite. This smite is the cause for a lot of his problems. He will search out drugs anywhere. He tries to hide his true nature behind his jobs and nervousness. Deep down, he is a force to be reckoned with.

History/Bio (Over eight lines long; no canon blending- as in direct interaction with canon characters.):
Kent was born and raised in the streets of a futuristic metropolis. When he was born neither parent wanted him, so they sent him to the streets. Kent, being a small infant, was then raised by a mechanic and former cybernetics engineer for the dictator that ruled the country wide city. This mechanic was much older than kent’s parents. By the time that Kent was 17 the old man died. Kent had been taught all he had known from the old man.
During the years hence, Kent took up jobs as a cybernetics expert along with exploring the ruins of the country to the east. During one day, by the time that Kent was 19, he found a old lighter. As he touched the lighter energy flew through him. Sparks shot off of his head and burned into his eyes. After several minutes of pain, Kent regained consciousness. He found himself in a old hideout for raiders, surrounded by dead bodies. He had no idea what happened or why. As he sat there going over the situation in his head a woman came up to him and gave him an abundance of money. Kent looked up at her in confusion. All she said was “thank you” and ran back into the wasteland. Kent looked at his hands, one holding a strange object almost like a cross between a vape and a USB stick. On the side of the strange object read Smite. Kent looked at his other hand holding a lighter. Time passed, and Kent was then known as the confused assassin.
Powers (If your character has biotics, magic, a superpower, racial abilities, or anything that can be explained.): Kent’s abilities allow him to resist the effects of drugs. Each drug allows him to have a certain effect, each with their own weakness. He will usually be unaware of what he is doing when under a drug, almost like in a trance. He will have one objective when under this daze. He only uses two drugs which truly affect him. Other drugs are mainly boosters to his intelligence
-cigarettes cause him to have superior reflexes (dodging bullets kind of speed), but he will lack physical constitution and can easily be incapacitated with a single punch to the head.
Smite-The wonder drug allows him to have telekinesis, He will lack speed during this phase

Power limitations (The limitations of said powers, because nothing that will be accepted is limitless):
-Telekinesis- Telekinesis can only be used on non-organic objects. These objects can be a maximum weight of 4,079, the weight of an average car. Kent will lose consciousness after using smite
-Reflexes- Although Kent does have reflexes good enough to dodge a bullet, he does not have the speed to dodge fifty bullets at once, for example, a shotgun blast. It is important to remember how fast the body can move.

Dazes last from a minute to a minute 30 seconds

Skills (Any skill your OC is particularly adept at, from swordsmanship, to piloting, to knitting should be mentioned here. Should also state their skill level D-Slightly Above Average, C-Above Average, B-Excellent, A-Master, S-Above Master, SS-Grandmaster):

Cybernetics- S
Mechanics- A
Chemistry- C

Weapon(s)/ Equipment (You may use pictures from any non-accepted fandom as a description, but all effects/abilities must be described. If it's any kind of technology, please give the specs.)
-He will usually have 7 casings of smite, it can otherwise be created by mixing Rust from metal and a drop of blood (doesn’t matter who). Smite to normal human beings causes an extreme high, along with hallucinations. Side effects include… loss of memory, muscle shrinkage, and, in rare cases, paralysis for 3 hours.

-Kent will carry a standard issue K21, also known as a laser gun. The gun shoots orange beems that spark and melt anything they come into contact with. (its a laser gun, you get the point)

Strengths: anything having to do with mechanics and people

Weakness/ Fears: he is weak against other powered people, because he has a milder ability. He fears any sort of government since he has always lived in a dictatorship. He fears death.

Other: Kent preferably chews painkillers to relieve stress from situations.
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Name: VoiceName.png ; A Fragment of Their Incessant Voice

Age: VoiceAge.png

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Everything that moves. Disturbingly so.

Species: Human?

World and Universe they are from: The Tome of Crude Iron

Appearance: An otherworldly beauty to behold, Fragment radiates Their unmistakable air. Her features are far too perfect to look at and her icy blue eyes threaten to drown those who look upon them. She is graceful. Lithe. Possesing luxurious hair. Long eyelashes. Cherry lips suited for smiles. Her curves are filled with the temptation of pleasure. Yet... it is impossible to describe her as sensuous, for Fragment is much too unreal to be real. She seems nothing but a faint veneer, a thin presence intruding upon reality. At the same time, her existence can be confirmed with naught but a screaming touch.


Personality: Fragment is, first and foremost, Their loyal priestess. Her duty is absolute and she hesitates at nothing to accomplish it, even if said duty is the murder of millions; for Their words are sacred truth. She is also characterised by a disregard for her own existence, seeing herself as a grain of sand on the beach. Her only importance is her fortune, for her benefactors could have chosen anyone else. She does not understand why she was named instead of countless others, yet her heart sings with pleasure at the thought. However, this does not mean she will throw her life away for a meaningless cause or does not care about her survival. Fragment merely acknowledges her own, insignificant nature.

Beneath the veil of her servitude, Fragment is highly intelligent, almost poetic, philosophical, and most definitely hedonistic. Ever since Their exitence had been revealed to her, she felt a void in her heart. It threatens to crack her apart, so as such, she tries to fill it with worldly pleasures. Drugs, prayer, violence, sex... nothing is off the table for her. She enjoys it all, taking it in with a mother's serene embrace. This lends her an unpredictable air, as it is almost impossible to read her or her facial expressions. She is a frightening uncertainty for those around her, however, she does act according to a semblance of eldritch logic.



Herald of Crude Iron: Simply put, Fragment is gifted with the ability to alter and percieve the laws of physics, allowing her to warp reality. This is as much a part of her soul, coming to her as second nature, however, it is definitely not subtle. Any alteration she makes leaves a distinct, foul trail of broken trail of corpses in its wake. Even for an ordinary human, it is impossible to miss the hollow screams she inflicts upon anything she changes, not to mention that her presence can be downright soul-enervating whenever she uses her abilities. It also comes with some limitations.

Firstly, Fragment can not affect living beings directly. This means she could kill someone by removing the air from the room or freezing the molecules around them solid, but she can not crush their heart in their chest. Neither can she enhance their senses or render them blind, unless it is by changing the properties of photons in her immediate area.

Secondly, she has to be aware of what she is changing in order to change it. While her ability can act without her conscious command, it is always in self-defence and if she does not know of a concept or a possibility, she can naturally not act along its lines.

Thirdly, her changes are not instantaneous, nor are they permanent. Though the changes she makes to physical laws technically occur the moment she decides on them, it takes a split second for them to take effect. Similarly, reality will always attempt to remedy the errors she introduced into it, thus, her changes only exist for as long as she consciously commits to them.

Last, but not least, she holds control over only physical laws. This may seem like a trivial limitation, however, even altered physical laws have limits as to what they can accomplish. Her ability is definitely not magic and its outcomes are always limited by the plausibilities of physics.


Orator - A
Sex - SS
Physics - A
Athletics - B


Strengths: Intelligent, Confident, Knowledgeable, Open

Weakness/ Fears: Unpredictable, Hedonostic, Frightening, Fanatic